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    Traits of a extrodinary character

    How to make a good character Hiya I don't want a simple 2D character - I want a genuine character The thing is, I'm not sure where to start. Any advice would be most appreaciated Edit - Thanks for all who gave me advice
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    Who would make the best Galactic Boss?

    Hiya! Well, basicly is this forum about who would make the best Galactic Boss, and why? I'd say Saturn. Basically because he looks and is cool, he's always by Cyrus's side, is shown the most and have a devastating pokemon like Toxicroak!
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    Imagine a Reality Pokemon Virtual World!

    Imagine a Reality Pokemon Virtual World! How cool would that be? You can go to any of the regions, capture and train pokemon, challenge gyms and even meet legendary pokemon! Sure that's why Nintendo games are there, but if Nintendo can create a crazy game console like Wii, do think they can...