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    Never thought they'd do it...

    They dropped the price of the Wii down to $199! Is anyone else surprised by this?
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    NetGear Router problems...

    NOTE: I WOULD LIKE IT IF NO ONE SAID SOMETHING LIKE 'WELL, YOU BOUGHT A CRAPPY ROUTER!' IF YOU'RE GOING TO SAY THAT, THEN SAY WHY!!! Yeah, I bought a Netgear Router to replace our faulty Linksys one, and it worked fine for a few days. One of our problems is that our laptop can't connect to...
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    360 Question

    I had a question involving the Xbox 360. I don't have one (yet), but If I want to use Xbox Live, do I need to get the Network Adapter for the Wireless to work correctly?
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    Windows Movie Maker problems...

    Alright, so I wanted to import something from VeohTV into the Windows Movie Maker, I go to do that and when I hit the play button, it only gives me 5 seconds of video, but the video makes no movement. Any idea of the problem? Edit: Okay, I just tried to import again and this is what I got...
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    Spore Creature Creator problem...

    (Before anyone says anything, I don't have the money to buy the full game.) Ok, I recently bought the Spore Creature Creator (new) and every now and then, it will freeze up after I save the creature, as well as making this repetitive beeping. Any idea what's wrong?
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    Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon

    Is anyone excited about this game? Once I get an Xbox 360, It's one of the first games I'm getting. Also, if you ARE going to get it, are you mad that they've pushed the release date back at least twice?
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    Thinking of importing a couple of CDs from Japan...

    I live in the US, and I was wondering, would I be able to use them on iTunes?
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    360 Question

    (If this is against the rules, then sorry...) Yeah, I'm considering getting an Xbox 360, and I need to know (if I get one), what accessories do I need to get with it so that it will work on my TV (these are what I can plug into)? Also, what do I need to get in general (like, what I need, that...
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    Add a Word

    So, we are all going to make up a super cool story, but here's teh catch: you can only add one word at a time. You can not post twice, since each person adds one word. Once someone else posts, though, you can post again. So like person 1 can post, then 2, then 1 again. Okay, I will start: There
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    Underground Question

    How do you "blow away" traps?
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    What's a good Moveset for an Elemental Slamence? I've got this so far: Salamence @ ??? ??? nature -Flamethrower -Ice Beam ---- ----
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    I want to Import a NDS lite...

    From Hong Kong, but I'm not sure whether I would be able to play my US games on it. So, would I be able to play them on the imported NDS lite IF I change the Language?
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    Is anyone...

    Actually going to use the D/P Stylus? I PROBABLY won't...
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    What "special" moves...

    CANNOT be transfered onto D/P?
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    Quotes from Naruto that you can relate to...

    I have one: I can relate to that A LOT of the time...
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    LeafGreen Elite Four team

    Blastoise @Mystic Water Trait: Torrent Nature: Gentle -Hydro Pump -Skull Bash ----- ----- Nidoqueen @Soft Sand Trait: Poison Point Nature: Brave -EQ -Crunch -Body Slam ----- Ninetails @Charcoal Trait: Flash Fire Nature: Careful -Will-o-Wisp -Flamethrower -Safeguard -----...
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    What Pokemon are you going to Transfer onto D/P?

    Here's what I'm going to Transfer: Yanma w/ Signal Beam Swinub w/ Ancientpower Carvanha w/ Hydro Pump & Thrash Murkrow w/ Sky Attack Sneasel w/ Crush Claw Corphish w/ Ancientpower Bagon w/ Hydro Pump Electrike w/ Crunch Tyrogue w/ Hi Jump Kick & Mind Reader Vulpix w/ Heat Wave Growlithe w/...
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    Future LeafGreen Team

    Please Rate (note: this a FUTURE ELITE FOUR team)! Blastoise: Hydro Pump Skull Bash ---- ---- Nidoqueen: Crunch Body Slam Earthquake ---- Ninetails: Will-o-Wisp Flamethrower Return Safeguard Kangaskhan: Mega Punch Reversal Endure ---- Dragonite: Ice Beam Outrage Thunderbolt Hyper Beam...
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    Emerald Elite four team

    Sceptile: Giga Drain Leaf Blade False Swipe Return Alakazam: Recover Future Sight Calm Mind Psychic Cacturne: Ingrain Faint Attack Spikes Needle Arm Crawdaunt: Crabhammer Guillotine Surf Water Pulse Tropius: Magical Leaf Body Slam Solarbeam Synthesis Absol: Razor Wind Slash Future...
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    Elite Four National Dex teams?

    Can someone tell me them? P.S. I need all of the Elite Four (including your rival) Edit: Oh, I almost forgot, can you also give me the pokemon's levels?