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    Trainer Headshots

    I've been lurking a bit recently (i'm good at that) and before i got Diamond i was obsessed with Kingdom Hearts... or just Organisation XII (not Roxas though) actually. But hey, like the vast majority, a new game sparks interest. I... love Volkner now 83 I've not been this obsessed with a...
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    Denji lolz he b popular

    Seriously XD It's not even funny how i've been out of Pokemon. I don't know any of the D/P Pokeom past Rentoraa and the ones shown yonks ago. But i'm remedying this! Well... not the Pokemon since i don't actualy care about them; it's the people <3 No crit on his left eye, dudes! I know...
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    Denji <3

    Oh aye, i'm trying to get back into the whole forum thing at the moment, and since art is the only thing i'm even vaguley good at... here we are. Plus Denji is hawt. He almost tops Lance as my favourite Pokemon person... ever D: Almost. You can crit Denji himself but... i doubt any...
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    D/P oekaki

    It's not that i'm obsessed with oekaki at the moment... or anything :0 The male trainer sucks. The female trainer is secks. *needs to work on the actual Pokemon* >>;
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    Symphonia (and Tales) Dolls

    Aye, i'm back to making them, just not on here >_> Yoru no like art wh*res So, i'm just showing them off really. If they ain't Pokemon related or if i ain't taking requests people won't care, but whatever... ~ Celcius ~ Yuan & Teddy!Kratos ~ Yggdrasill ~ Presea ~ Noishe ~ Mithos ~...
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    Gale of Darkness

    I know, i know, i have a different thread, but that's for them face icon thingsssss. But anyway... http://www.deviantart.com/view/34468669/ ... i REALLY love doing profiles at the moment X3 I also know Ryuu's face is messed up >_> What do Snagballs look like anyway? o___O And...
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    Daigo <3

    Right, so, this is going to be an alternate style i'm going to use other than plain old cell shading D: Tis fun, just cell shading and the blur tool >3 I also know his hair is silver, but i outlined this in blue without thinking, so yeah... meh. I also KNOW the shading on his ruffle-thing is...
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    La lalala~ I was intending to do these as like bookmarks, y'know, as in tall thin pictures of the characters, but that went down the crapper like most of my "ideas". Ryuu's will most likey be redone... he needs his headband as it was orginally a WesxRyuuto pic i cut short... again :0...
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    Random Pokemon and Junk

    What? I suck at anything that needs a 'real' background... well, i suck in general, but whatever XD This randon crappy stuff is fun though. And it's just some junk in my compooper :0 You can also tell which pictures were done during Artist's Block... >_> If not...
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    Yoru’s Gimmick Shop

    Yoru’s Gimmick Shop ~*Yoru's House of Crap*~ That's an official name ;D ~*AKA Yoru’s Gimmick Shop*~ Yoru and Jenni; listen to them. ~♥~♥~♥~♥~ Okay, so it’s not gimmick as in SPAM (bet it raised a few eyebrows though) for those of you who are slow on the uptake, it’s gimmick as in...
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    Pokemon Emotion Avvies

    ... yeah. I have a lot of free time on my hands >_> Neway, they aren't all pokemon, just the vast majority. These are the ones i've got done so far: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ And three non pokemon ones... Edward Elric from FMA and Yuan and Zelos from Symphonia: ~ ~ ~ I know Dragonair...
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    It Really is Gale of Darkness

    A/N: Bah, you all saw it coming! I haven’t spent as much time on this as I have on Is this Really Pokemon Colosseum? But the ideas I have for this just won’t let me sleep at night D: It’ll have the usual dose of Monty Python jokes to come but I aren’t using such gold in the first chapter...
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    Eevee's Angels

    MY PUNS SUCK! Hell, i put this up on DA and someone mentioned Flareon's mane was missing... how the hell did i even forget that? I thought it looked odd in the sketch o__o All fixed now though XD Um, dun really have much to say other than Photobucket mucked up the transparet background. so...
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    Random Pokemon

    Since our computer is being an arse i've been doing a lot of pencil crap. You can tell why i don't colour them in much by hand by the Angel Ninetails. I resize them in Word, WORD. It'a awful not having PSP to use ¬¬ I ssem to have an obsession with giving angel wings to everything at the...
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    Johto Leader hogwash

    God, this is the style i'm sticking to. I've had it for over a month ad i don't care anymore XD Big eyes and round heads are cute. Coloured pencils don't agree with me though and neither does my pencil sharpener -__- And this is on DA: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/26899619/...
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    Pokemon Plushies

    Plushies NOT Dolls! There's a difference -_- Dolls have stumps for limbs, plushies have stitches. I don't know why people don't get that. Er, yeah, i don't really know if they look like plushies or not. Bah! I really could do with a new chunk of memory for all these pictures. I'm sure the...
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    Bladdy bored

    ^^; Heheh, i've been doing some Giant Dolls if you where, but the normal ones are seriously off so in my boredom and anticipation of Colosseum XD i did these. *Bored* ~ Ein if ya didn't know -_- The scanner make everything fade... damn thing.
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    Heads... and maybe some shoulders o_o

    Not the shampoo >_< Anatomy is the bane of my existance, though i aslo say backgrounds are too, meh. What i usually do are floading heads an' shoulders around white space XD All the doodle-y goodnes of Yoru when she's gotten over a severe case of Artist's Block >_> ~ People's hair can...
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    Is this really Pokemon Colosseum?

    PM next chapter (because i'll forget if i don't write it down) X Kazemon Guitar dude bill Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix ^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^ I did have a parody here with the Elite Four or Kanto, Johto and Hoenn doing the plot of Shrek2 but i didn't finish it anywhere other than ff.net -_-...
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    Adoptable Dolls

    ~*Adoptable Dolls*~ Shop 2.0 100 + Work: Yoru Ryu, Jenni. Requests are Closed! It doesn't take long. ^~^~^~^~^~^~^ ... Before you even do anything... READ THESE! I want no confusion. If you SPAM you will be banned for a period of time depending on how severe it was...