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  1. Rakansen

    Cannabis/Marijuana Legalization

    Should marijuana be legalized? On what grounds? Discuss your viewpoints on why marijuana should be legal or why it shouldn't, or perhaps why it should only be legal as a medical option.
  2. Rakansen

    Cold as Ice [OU RMT]

    COLD AS ICE Hey guys! This is an RMT for my new Hail team I'm using for OU as Gen V comes to a close. This is my second ever RMT, I decided to try this team out for several reasons. My last team, a Sandstorm team, began to "lose momentum" as more threats in the metagame emerged, since the...
  3. Rakansen

    Cobalt Storm [OU RMT]

    COBALT STORM Hey guys! This is my first ever RMT. I have made teams in the past, but I have made no success with them, so I decided this time to post my team to see how it would be rated. I named this team 'Cobalt Storm' because it's a sandstorm team that focuses on poisoning most (if not all)...