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  1. Aegon

    Xiaolin Chronicles

    The previous thread for this has been quite inactive, so I thought I'd make a fresh one for discussion of the recent new details. An official website has been launched, which displays artwork of the Xiaolin and Heylin warriors (they're all back!). There's a new temple, too. The site also claims...
  2. Aegon

    The Pandorica Trade Shop

    The Pandorica Status: Closed • Rules 1. All standard SPPf rules and Trade Forum rules apply. 2. Hacked Pokémon are not accepted for trade. Clones (non-Pokécheck only) and RNGs are accepted. 3. Do not post one-liners that consist of spam. One-line posts asking for specific details regarding a...
  3. Aegon

    Do You Leave the C-Gear Turned On?

    Just as the title says, I'm asking whether or not you keep your C-Gear on. I for one turn it off, and only use it when I need to, as it tends to drains power. Give reasons in your post.