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    Help me make a 4th gen Battle Frontier team

    I'm trying to make a BF team made out of 6 Pokemon that can cover each others weaknesses in different situations. So far I have... Garchomp w/ Yache Berry Jolly w/ Attack and Speed EV's Swords Dance Earthquake Dragon Claw Fire Fang Starmie w/ Life Orb Modest w/ Sp Attack and Speed...
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    Best game on the Wii?

    As we approach the end of the Wii's lifespan, we shall reminisce about how great/terrible the console was, and what better way of doing that than posting our favorite game on the console? Mine is Xenoblade Chronicles. I've already sunk 120+ hours into it. I'd make a poll, but I don't feel...
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    Wii won't read Wii discs?

    I have a Wii which isn't able to read Wii games. When I insert the discs, either it will go to a black screen which lasts way too long, or it will give me the "unable to read disc" message. This happens for all my Wii games, so it has nothing to do with the disks being dual-layered. The curious...
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    Should they remake these games?

    Since Ruby/Sapphire might get remade in the 5th generation, I have been wondering if the same thing can happen with these games, even though they already are remakes. Your thoughts?
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    My game corrupted...

    So I turned on my DS to play Soulsilver, and apparently the save file has corrupted. I'm not going to ask if there is a way to fix it, as there probably isn't, but I was wondering: If I start over a new save file on the same game, will that new file be affected in any way? I don't want to...
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    Downloading songs help?

    First off, I don't know much about this stuff, so don't call me a retard for asking help. I downloaded SonicStage 4.3, hoping to download music into my CD player, but I don't know what to do! What I really need to know is how to download music into my computer, and then to a CD. I'll really...
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    Is quiet a good nature for suicune?

    In case you don't know, quiet raise sp. attack and lowers speed. If it isn't a good nature, can you tell me the natures i'm okay with? Not just the best one.
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    Best form of Deoxys?

    What's your favorite form of deoxys? Mine is speed.
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    Favorite battle CDs in XD?

    What are your favorite battle cds? Miine are 41-45. Though I also like 46-50.
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    Favorite 99 floor dundeon?

    What's your favorite 99 dungeon? Mine is Western Cave.
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    Which legendaries have you recruited?

    Title says it all. Which legendaries have you recruited? I've got: Articuno Zapdos Moltres Mewtwo Lugia Ho-oh Kyogre Groudon Latios Latias Edit: After this post, I also got: Regirock Regice Registeel Rayquaza Entei Suicune Raikou
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    Haven't you noticed something about the brains?

    Their names are similar to the names of their symbols. Think about it. Noland=Knowledge Greta=Guts Tucker=Tactics Lucy=Luck Spenser=Spirit Anabel=Ability Brandon=Bravery
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    EV questions

    Here they are: 1. When EV training, how can you make a newly hatched pokemon get at least 4 EV's before leveling up? 2. I noticed that qhen giving vitamins to my torchic, it only accepted one HP up. Why?
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    Training blaziken?

    Okay, I was thinking of putting blaziken on my team, and I checked the POTW(Pokemon of the week) to see what moveset, nature, EV, etc. I should use. That got me confused. The moveset is: Rock slide Endure Reversal Overheat Nature:Jolly EVs: Special attack and speed with any remainding in...
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    Who was harder, Evice or Greevil?

    Who do you think was the hardest final boss of either game? Mine was Evice because his pokemon were much harder than I prepared for.
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    Who should I use my remaining time flute on?

    I have one time flute because I used my other 2 time flutes on Tyranitar and Metagoss. Who should I use the last time flute on?
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    What's your favorite bike?

    Title says everything. Which one do you like more? Mach or Acro? I like Mach because they're fast and good for waiting for eggs to hatch.
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    Where's the U-Disk?

    Where's the U-Disk? Can someone please tell me.
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    Which pokemon is good at every type of contest?

    This isn't a help thread, but do you have any pokemon out there that's good at all contests? I used to have pikachu on ruby, but I lost it because I traded my ruby for my stupid brothers emerald.
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    Pokemon Mystery dungeon, Pokemon Ranger, or Trozei?

    Okay, this is a poll to determine, the best spin-off game. Just try not to flame other people who like another game.