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  1. Moonlight.

    Non-Kanto Pokemon in FRLG?

    While I do appreciate that Gamefreak wanted to recreate the original experience in FRLG, I always frustrated me that the Dex was locked to the first 151 until the post-game. Was an exploit ever discovered that allowed you to trade Johto and Hoenn Pokémon over before the Elite 4? I just think...
  2. Moonlight.

    I'm back?

    Hey! My name's Tim and at 27 it seems I'm as much a Pokenerd as ever. I used to frequent these forums over ten years ago (around the height of gen 3, start of gen 4, maybe 2006?) and thought it would be nice to come back. Very surprised to see my account still here (and even more surprised to...
  3. Moonlight.

    Moonlight.'s "Art"

    Well, it's not brilliant, but I'd like some comments. This is all the art I could find on this PC, so most of it isn't stuff I'd usually show off. I'm gonna list them in order of creation in case you want to rate my progress (which I seem to have made a lot of). Oh well, prepare to be...
  4. Moonlight.


    Really, this is starting to piss me off. For some strange reason I can't get to any site on the 'net unless it's SPPf or linked from SPPf. Any idea of what it could be?
  5. Moonlight.

    Your GBA/GB library, present and future?

    I'm surprised Fox hasn't done this one yet, so I thought I would do it. What Gameboy or Gameboy Advance games do you currently own, and which ones do you plan to get? I know, not many GBA games are coming out anymore, but they're still selling, and I know there are still some I plan to...
  6. Moonlight.

    Games that you think are underrated

    Based on your personal opinions, what games do you think are underrated? For me it seems that in every video game series, there is one game I really enjoy, but everyone else dislikes. Off the top of my head, the games that I think are underrated include: Sonic Heroes - Sure, it wasn't the...
  7. Moonlight.

    First BF Team

    This is my first BF team, so please don't kill me X_X. I know, I'm no good at this, but why do you think I'm posting here? I had trouble thinking of a fourth move for some sets, so suggestions will be good. I'm also having trouble with EV spreads and items. Well, here it is...
  8. Moonlight.

    Kuratosu's Sketches

    I wasn't sure if I should post in my other thread cause the type of drawing is completely different, but oh well. I didn't see any rules against making this thread. Just a quick sketch I did of a teenager. Dunno who it's meant to be, maybe I'll use him in a comic or something. Pretty...
  9. Moonlight.

    A crappy attempt at drawing Psyduck...

    X_X I don't know why I'm posting here. No-one ever comments on my work but: Just a simple coloured picture of Psyduck. Nothing special. I just want a few comments on my drawing, colouring and shading. Thanks in advance.
  10. Moonlight.

    Kuratosu's Sprites (Made out of complete boredom...)

    X_X I was bored today and decided to mess around with some Vulpix sprites. It's not much work, just a few recolours and revamps. Remember, I'm new to this, so don't expect anything amazing. Enjoy! ----------------- Revamps Pokemon Recolours (Guess which ones they are :P) Misc...
  11. Moonlight.

    Gym Badges

    This has been bugging me for a while. In the Pokemon game booklets, it says that some badges raise certain stats of your Pokemon. For example, the Boulder Badge raises attack. How does this work exactly? Does it give EVs to the Pokemon that were used or what? Sorry, this just doesn't make...
  12. Moonlight.

    Splash Art For My Site

    X_X Working on an art and game site, TAGS (Tim's Art and Game Site), and I just wanna see what you think of the splash art. If I get good comments I will use it. And, please, give me tips for PSP7 effects and for the drawing of myself (which I think is horrible, but oh well)...
  13. Moonlight.

    Anyone else doing this?

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Pokemon I have decided to play through Pokemon Red (the first pokemon game I played) with some of my favourite pokemon from the beginning. I have decided to play it JUST as I would have had all those years ago when I started playing. X_X I'm gonna be a n00b...
  14. Moonlight.

    Another Jirachi

    Okay, I searched this and couldn't find what I was looking for. I am desperate for another Jirachi, so I restarted Channel and completed it to unlock Jirachi again. But the problem is, I only have one RS game pack (Saphhire), which I've already downloaded Jirachi to. So, the question...