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    Somethings for you to wait for in '09

    I would post these in separate threads except this sub-forum really is too small for anything otherwise. Besides, it will probably just be speculation. Duelist Pack Collection Gold Series 2 Spellcaster's Command Duelist Pack Yugi
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    Plan for first Competitive Team

    Leftovers 252 HP / 76 Atk / 36 Def / 144 SDef Sassy - Gyro Ball - Stealth Rock - Hypnosis - Earthquake Ludicolo Pokemon @ Leftovers 204hp/76spatk/228spdef Calm - Surf - Leech Seed - Energy Ball - Protect Starmie Leftovers Natural Cure 172hp/120spatk/216spd Timid -...
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    Pokemon Hide and Seek

    This is the Pokemon Hide and Seek game. In this game, there will be eight people hiding in place throughout all the regions. There will be two seekers trying to find them. Every one will be Pokemon the entire time. The hiders will PM me their hiding spots and the seekers will post saying...
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    The Middle Evo Face-Off!

    About time I made a Face-Off. So this is the Middle-Evolution Face-Off, where the Middle Pokemon have a chance to shine! For the first round, it will be the normal voting system. Voting is once per hour. First to Fifteen or a lead of five to advance. I might change the style of voting...
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    New Dungeons

    If you could make dungeons for MD2, what will they look like and what Pokemon would it have? I would make a Tomb-like dungeon, with ghost and fossil pokemon as the main set.
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    Azurill Evolution

    My Azurill's IQ is over 4 stars, and it doesn't want to evolve. Does anyone know why?
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    Yes, a new Member

    Hello I am Cubed. I'm not exactly sure why I chose that name, guess it sounded cool at the time. I've been Serebii.net for about a year and a half now. Hope you enjoy my company while I am here!