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    How to Capture the Ruler of the Resort Area, The Lv. 100 Magikarp in Platinum

    As most of us know, in the Resort Area on Platinum, one can capture Magikarps ranging from level 1 to 100 with the super rod, the level 100 being the "ruler of the place" referred to by the swimmer in the pool there. Although there is a 100% chance of encountering Magikarp, looking at the raw...
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    [VIDEO SERIES] Absol Blogs Pokemon!

    For the past couple of years, I have been making a video series documenting my Pokemon adventures, often incorporating game footage with goofy real life adventure videos! It started out just as a documentation of completing the Heart Gold national dex, but it evolved into a big channel of just...
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    I'm Back!

    Well, I'm spriting again, and I have a new mix! Cradilidabra! *adjustments on to do list* Torpowdon Dungunk I accept constructive criticism!
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    My YTP (YouTube Poop)

    I didn't use Youtube, though! http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6092254303875506285&q=Link+Likes+Tuhtles&total=1&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0 Enjoy! (nothing explicit)
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    ~Absoltastic's Sprites

    I have decided to sprite again, so I created a new thread. Please use constructive criticism and enjoy! Before anybody asks, I don't copy and paste... EVER! I used to, though. :) Mixes: Dungunk- Is it morose or sleepy? Torpowdon! (I'm bad at shading. xD) Slownoone something seems...
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    Absol's Random-as-can-be Pokemon Drawings

    Hi! You may know me from fan sprites, but I finally decided to post some of my drawings. Colored: http://img105.imageshack.us/img105/2215/absolmooneq5.jpg Absol looking at the moon Black and White Sketches: http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/7496/meynxgr6.jpg Meowth dressed as Jynx (bad...
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    The Odd Food Stand Game

    Here is a fun game I created. The first poster says what kind of food they want. For example: "I want something tangy." The next poster will give out a food item that goes with the taste or texture. Regular example: "Here's a mango." Insane example: "Here's an orange that has been...
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    Shiny that isn't on the list

    Last night I was watching Weekend Warrior, and at the beginning when showing the coordinators outside, you can see a shiny Breloom! I checked today, and it's not on the list. (For proof look at picture No. 4 of the episode on the mainsite.) Did anybody else notice this?
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    Skip in Programs?

    Last night while watching Toonami, Mar nad Prince of Tennis were on episode's way ahead of the last airing in December. Was it the station's mistake, or did I miss a few episodes?
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    Absol-T's Bizarre Sprite Bazaar!!!

    Here is my shop. I can do... -MIXES (specify base; only 2 pokemon; 3rd gen or 4th gen) -ICONS (specify words) -PUNKS (specify accessories) -I-POKEMON (specify background color) - Reverses -Recolors Now that that's squared away, I need workers. PM me with examples of your work and see if...
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    Absoltastic's Spritez V2: now with more complimentary snacks!

    Okay, my old thread bombed to the eigth page, so I'm starting this new thread. Old stuff I loved: Cradilitops--scythes kinda bug me Milonaire---looks kinda like millionaire! Black and White Nostalgic Pikachu Pilosect D/P... I tried! Took away shading and made all lines black; just cuz...
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    Pokedex Certificate?

    When you complete your Pokedex, what does the certificate look like?
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    Absoltastic's Spritez

    I've been spriting for a while now ( just to keep me occupied most of the time.) I've made a good amount of sprites, and I hope you enjoy them! If you want an icon, PM ME! Old C/P Mixes Pikoddish Eeveenaire Mukingler Charmeleochop Pikapix Evotoy Eevyther Kabudrill PINSTRIPE...
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    I just joined here a week ago and I really like this place! I am new to forums, but not to Pokemon. I watch the Anime and play the games. So, anyway, HI!!!