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    My custom Gen 3 Grass-type Gym Leader team: is it any good?

    Hello everyone, I've recently started making my own Gym Leader teams. This one is the one I like best, and I'd like to know if it's any good. It's a Grass-type Gym in Hoenn. It's the second or third gym. The game mechanics (e.g. physical-special split) are therefore Gen 3 too. All of these...
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    Pokémon Showdown Tier Shift RMT

    Pokémon Showdown Tier Shift RMT Hello, everyone! Recently, I got into competitive battling on Pokémon Showdown. After having tried Hackmons, Challenge Cup and other obscure metagames, I decided to try Tier Shift. So far, my team has had lots of success, but I'd like to have it rated...
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    Platinum team: how good is mine?

    I was curious to know how good my team in Platinum is. I am just past Cynthia. This is my team: Crobat (Lv.50) Moves: Cross Poison Crunch Aerial Ace Fly (I need this one) Serious Nature, Inner Focus ability, Sp.Atk and Atk are equal, Dread Plate item Roserade (Lv.50) Moves: Magical Leaf...