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    WW42's Breeding Center

    I do a lot of breeding, so I figured i'd set up a thread for anyone who wants stuff. it's not just the standard one-egg, you get the IVs/nature you get, though, i actually breed for nature and IVs, so you'll get the right nature for the poke, and at least one relevant flawless IV, plus egg...
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    Recovering Saves

    "The save file has been erased due to corruption or damage." so says my emerald. 444 hours of work, many triple-flawless or otherwise awesome pokemon. is there any way to restore/fix it without starting a new game? i'm not opposed to buying a hacking device for this, since it's not to...
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    Night Shade or SToss?

    I was just wondering, in general, which is better? the only real difference is that one hits ghosts and not normals, and the other is the reverse. which is usually more useful, and in particular which should i put on endendeavor smeargle and my dusclops?
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    snorlax EV spread?

    I'm going to be breeding for careful snorlaxes soon. given that i can, with patience, get one with any three perfect IVs, which should i go for? also, once i get it, what EV spread should i give it? it's a standard curselax: RoadBlock @lefties/chesto careful curse shadowball return rest...