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    XY (the anime series) manga?

    Assuming nothing has been announced, can we expect any manga based on the XY TV series to show up at any point? I know the movies all receive adaptations, but does Pokémon have a consistent history of adapting some episodes or releasing original filler stories? Preferably stuff that has a chance...
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    X and Y dub this year?

    http://mynintendonews.com/2013/04/10/pokemon-company-says-next-twelve-months-will-be-biggest-in-pokemon-history/#comment-484733 Am I reading too much into this or are we getting the X&Y anime and M16 dubbed this year? I think the current gap would push the dub into January 2014. :S
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    Why hasn't Snivy changed at all since her debut?

    I just realised that her gender and 3 of her moves were revealed in her debut episode, and then her final move was revealed a few episodes later. But she hasn't evolved or learned any moves, and I don't recall her character being developed all that much. I can understand something like...
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    Recommend me your favourite pre-BW fillers

    Hey all, I've been watching a lot of random filler episodes recently and I just wanna know if there are good ones I should look out for. I saw the original series as a kid, I remember most of Kanto but don't hesitate to give them a mention because there's lots that I won't remember fully...
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    Would catching 'em all be a better goal for Ash?

    Ash's goal is currently to be a Pokémon Master. Now this could mean anything and it's been established as a distinctly different goal to Pokémon Champion. That said, we generally record progress in this goal based on his gym battles and the Pokémon League. But the thing is, winning the Pokémon...
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    Is there any evidence of Team Rocket's story being changed after the postponed eps?

    I feel like JJM are noticeably different after they switch back to their white uniforms. Now, that change happened immediately after the cancelled episodes so we know that they were always planned to loosen up a bit following their encounter with Team Plasma. But it just seems like they were...
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    Which Sinnoh episodes should I watch?

    I never watched AG or DP, but I've always been a little interested in DP. I definitely won't be watching 190ish episodes though, so which should I watch? The introduction of Dawn, all eight gym battles and the Pokémon league are a given, but what else? Thanks in advance.
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    Does the BW saga have the least filler out every series?

    I just counted roughly how many episodes it took Ash to get 8 badges, and then how long it took to see the conclusion of each Pokemon League, and I got these rough numbers: Kanto: 63, 80 Johto: 138, 156 Hoenn: 111, 131 Sinnoh: 179, 189 Unova: 84 (86 with TRvTP?) The Unova League could maybe...
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    How many ways are there to watch the anime legally?

    Edit: I completely missed the question on this in the FAQs. Guess this can be deleted now. I live in Ireland so if I watched it on my TV I'd be around 30 episodes behind the US, which is already 15 or so behind Japan. These are the only places I know of for watching it: Toyko TV (Japan)...
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    How should I go about getting into the manga?

    First post/topic on this site! Anyway, after reading the Red & Green saga I now want to read every volume. Viz are releasing boxsets for Red, Blue & Yellow and also Gold, Silver & Crystal very soon, so now seems to be a great time to start. But what exactly am I supposed to do when I'm...