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    Plants Vs. Zombies Discussion

    Anyone here play Plants Vs. Zombies? It's basically a very addicting Tower Defense game, where the boject is to plant various veggies, mushrooms, and other miscellaneous flora to defend your home from brain-eating zombies. Different plants do different things, but so do the zombies, who get...
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    Oh, look. A Pokemon White team! Let's Rate it!

    So I'm doing a playthrough of White after my disasterous attempt at a Scramble Challenge. I need help, though. So my first Pokemon is of course my starter! Here he is, the powerful Emboar: Emboar: Adamant Nature, Blaze. Holding a Sitrus Berry Flare Blitz Hammer Arm Earthquake Scald...
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    My refurbished team!

    Back when all the Gen 5 Pokemon were revealed, I planned out a team for Pokemon Black. I was happy with it for a while, waiting for them to come to America, when, I suddenly realized today, that I didn't like some of the members of my team. This was unacceptable! So, I need help filling in the...
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    My Pokemon Black In-Game team!

    Okay, so I can make a team for Pokemon Black here and get critisized and helped with it? Here we go! But first, a few notes. I'm not using EVs or Dream World abilities (at least, not for my starter), nor am I going to breed for moves, as it takes too long for me, and I'm impatient. I'm also a...
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    Hi there!

    Hello, fellow Pokemon fans! I am Eivui, a big pokemon fan. I just managed to log back on to the account I made after I promptly forgot the password. I've been on Serebii for a while, and have watched Gen V since the beginning. Here's a few facts: *My favorite Gen is V even though I haven't...