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  1. J

    Skill Swap Team

    So I got a Victini recently and wanted to put together a Skill Swap team. If we still had DS wifi I'd be able to put skill swap directly on it, but since we don't I will need a Skill Swapper. These are for triple battles. Before I go into the details of each pokemon, I'd like to give an overview...
  2. J

    My Stall Shuckle

    I use Shuckle almost anytime I play online. I only have a few pokemon that have been IV/nature/egg move bred. They are Kangashkan, Ampharos, Shuckle, Garchomp. Only the latter two are EV trained. So they are usually on the team. I usually throw them in with some of the following: Yveltal...
  3. J

    The Shocker!

    Before I go any further, I made this team strictly for Triple Battles. I got bored with playing 3 vs 3 on the random match ups and tried Triples out, I've been hooked ever since. When I get bored at work, I like to come up with gimmicky teams. I've created an all water team that I tried...