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    Things in Pokemon that you wish there were in real life.

    Teleporters. Gyms have them, after all. We'd never need cars again!
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    The meaning of your username

    Eevee is my favorite 'Mon, and it's Romanized Japanese name is Eivui, so...yes.
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    What are you allergic to?

    I'm allergic to certain bandages, so if I use a bandage with latex or something, it gives me a rash. Technically, I'm allergic to poison ivy, since it's the chemicals in it that cause the reaction. My brother is allergic to at least a dozen different plants, shrubs and trees, and cats an...
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    Save A Pokemon!

    I'll save these 30: 1. Crobat 2. Milotic 3. Gothitelle 4. Bulbasaur 5. Ivysaur 6. Venusaur 7. Growlithe 8. Arcanine 9. Solosis 10. Duosion 11. Reuniclus 12. Cofagrigious 13. Snorunt 14. Glalie 15. Sigliyph 16. Petilil 17. Liligant 18. Metagross 19. Gengar 20. Staryu 21...
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    Plants Vs. Zombies Discussion

    Anyone here play Plants Vs. Zombies? It's basically a very addicting Tower Defense game, where the boject is to plant various veggies, mushrooms, and other miscellaneous flora to defend your home from brain-eating zombies. Different plants do different things, but so do the zombies, who get...
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    Hi Peach! It's Dedede!

    Hi Peach! It's Dedede!
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    Movies You Hate

    The Sorcerer's Apprentice was pretty bad for me. I especially hated the guy's accent. Drove me crazy with it's obnoxiousness.
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    What is "Wrong" with Homosexuality?

    But it's not a decision (that's what I think), so they're being punished for being born? No offense, but that's how it sounds to me.
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    What is "Wrong" with Homosexuality?

    So why is it a sin?
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    What is "Wrong" with Homosexuality?

    My one statement regarding gay people and religion: If (G/g)od hates gays, why not zap them with lightning or something? They'd still go to hell, but he'd be rid of them on his land faster. It makes perfect sense. Except he doesn't, so (if he exists, but that's a different debate) he...
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    Ice Type is the Least Imaginative

    ...What? I really do like Ice types, but they aren't very popular due to too many weaknesses and only resisting themselves. But they are pretty cool, one of my favorite types (besides Psychic). I like Snorunt, Cryogonal and Jynx (yes, I like Jynx, sue me). In short, I wish they were...
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    Love for All the 649

    I care for any Pokemon, and will use whatever I like regardless of what others say. This is a great thread. And also, I read on TvTropes that Conkeldurr is supposed to be pronounced "Conk-elder", as it's White Pokedex entry states it uses it's pillars as canes, so it's actually an elderly...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    It varies, but I'm usually not a fan of Fire, so it's often Water or Grass. I don't really prefer either over the other, though. Both work for me.
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    which pokemon do you class as rare

    Anything that meets one or more of the following requirements is rare: *Has a less than 10 percent chance of appearing at any time, i.e. it's highest chance of appearing in any evolutionary form is 10%. Ex. Munchlax in DPPt, Chimecho in RSE, Cryogonal in BW *There is a limited number of...
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    how do you choose which pokes to use

    I tend to make a balanced team out of my favorite Pokemon, using ones I like to fill in gaps. I always have the traditional Fire, Water, Grass, though.
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    Pokemons' Names

    Really? I pronounce it "Aw-duh-no", because part of it's name is based off of "I dunno." But I suppose it could also be "Audio", so it makes sense either way.
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    The stupidest moment you saw on a cartoon or any TV show

    Yeah, when I was little and watched TMSB, I was scared to death of that episode. The stupidest scene from a TV show ever...Nothing comes to mind as blatantly stupid, but I did hate in Warehouse 13 after they debronzed Jinx in "Love Sick". They just pretended nothing happened! It would've...
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    Lucid Dreaming

    I've had lucid-ish dreams before. I've heard a tip where if you pinch your nose and can breathe through it, it's a dream. I realize it's a dream by doing so, but remember it in vague pieces. Except nightmares. I remember those vividly. I do notice, however, that I can detect when something...
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    Battle Animations

    I like Leaf Blade. Swish-slash-slice! I leave them on because I'm used to them. It'd feel rushed if I had them off.
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    Is using shiny methods unethical?

    SR I believe is Soft-Reset, you safe in front of, say, a boss or a gift-Pokemon giver, and reset (press L-R-Start-Select at the same time) to go to the title screen every time it isn't Shiny until it is. MM-is Masuda-Method. Breeding two Pokemon from different countries has a slightly higher...