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  1. Sprinter1988

    Hows your gen 2 national dex?

    Still need Smeargle, Unown, Heracross, Ho-oh, Lugia, Celebi, Suicune and Entei. Got Raikou yesterday thanks to task completion.
  2. Sprinter1988

    I just want the story to be less intrusive.

    The problem I have with the story lines in more recent games is that it ultimately affects how re-playable the games are. In earlier games it was pretty easy to restart your game, grab your starter and head off on a new adventure. I recently started a new play through of Sun and it took over 15...
  3. Sprinter1988

    Pokémon Let's GO! Pikachu/Eevee Team Discussion

    I'll probably attempt to catch and train everything like normal, but my main team is likely to consist of at least Pikachu, Charizard, Lapras and Nidoking. I like the vast majority of Kanto pokemon, so just about everything stands a chance of being used by me and making it into the final team.
  4. Sprinter1988

    GO Recent Happenings Thread

    Just got a shiny Aerodactyl and my first Alolan Exeggutor! Woo woo
  5. Sprinter1988

    Other Fictional Characters as Pokemon Trainers

    So we have a thread for Other Nintendo Characters as Pokemon Trainers, and a thread asking what pokemon Real World People would have, so here's one to cover all other fictional characters, be they from literature, television, movies, other video games or any other point in between! Give them...
  6. Sprinter1988

    Poll: The Legendary Birds

    True, but Articuno just gets a superior starting move than Zapdos. Also, I'd usually used the Thunderbolt TM by the time I could catch Zapdos
  7. Sprinter1988

    Favorite R/B/Y BGM?

    Pallet Town theme just feels so nostalgic, as though you have come home yourself. Route 1 - the beginning of so many adventures Viridian Forest - mysterious with a hint of "You're going to get lost in here!"
  8. Sprinter1988

    Favorite Kanto E4 member?

    Agatha. A mean old lady who will kick your ass if you aren't prepared!
  9. Sprinter1988

    Favorite Gen 1 Gym Leader?

    Misty. Her Starmie was always a tough opponent, even with Ivysaur and Pikachu on your side.
  10. Sprinter1988

    Poll: The Legendary Birds

    Articuno. Chances were by the time I could finally surf to the Power Plant I already had Raichu or Jolteon, so Zapdos was something I caught just to say I caught it. Moltres being in Victory Road was way too late in the game on add it to my team, and by then I'd have Charizard/Ninetales/Arcanine...
  11. Sprinter1988


    Never really bothered in G/S/C - Kurt could only make one ball at a time and took him a whole day. There was no real point once you got Great and Ultra Balls. It was a bit more useful in HG/SS as he could make multiples of the same type of balls in one day, but even then the back-tracking to...
  12. Sprinter1988

    Mega Evolution Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I want more of these. It did feel like getting a whole new pokemon in some cases. It feels wrong that Mega Evolution hasn't extended to all other starters and not just the first and third generation ones. Also, I feel like Dragonite should have one. You could argue that its a pseudo and...
  13. Sprinter1988

    Generational Mechanic Speculation Thread

    Oh yeah! The Pledge moves! I completely forgot about those. Mostly because they were terrible and you rarely had the chance to actually combine them, which is pretty much the only reason to have them.
  14. Sprinter1988

    New Moves Discussion Thread

    Iron Fang, Stone Fang, Bramble Fang, Drake Fang, Aqua Fang, Moon Fang and Phantom Fang - Steel, Rock, Grass, Dragon, Water, Fairy and Ghost variants of Fire, Ice and Thunder Fang. Adds more physical moves to the water and fairy types! Also, make Poison Fang the same strength as the other Fang moves!
  15. Sprinter1988

    Character Customization Discussion Thread

    I just want to be able to obtain clothing of in-game characters because damn it if I decide to do a Bug-type run I should be able to dress as a Bug Catcher! And if I wanna be the very best I should be able to dress up like the Champion!
  16. Sprinter1988

    Generational Mechanic Speculation Thread

    How about the ability to fuse to moves together? Lucario firing off Aura Sphere from one hand and Dark Pulse from the other, merging the two attacks together to strike the opponent, Crobat spitting up a Sludge Bomb from its mouth while beating its wings to produce Air Slash, Charizard flying in...
  17. Sprinter1988

    DLC Discussion

    If they bring in an area where "tournament" battles take place, maybe the DLC could be new tournaments to take part in. Anyone remember when Black2/White2 introduced DLC tournaments for the World Tournament? I don't think any were released outside of Japan, but it essentially meant you could...
  18. Sprinter1988

    Updates to Older Pokémon Discussion

    Pidgey, Pidgeotto & Pidgeot - make its special attack higher to reflect that mega Pidgeot is a special attacker, add Air Cutter to its level-up move-set to give it a reasonable move at the lower level Attacks: Current: Change: --- Tackle Gust 5...
  19. Sprinter1988

    Gyms, Trials, or Something Else

    That does work to an extent, but that depends on the type combinations available. Ground, Water and Flying have plenty of pokemon with dual types that counter their weaknesses. Others types aren't so lucky - just about every fire type dies to water, Ludicolo is probably the only grass type that...
  20. Sprinter1988

    Updates to Older Pokémon Discussion

    Frankly, I've always thought that Poochyena and Mightyena being given the Strong Jaw ability was a no brainer! Both are called The Bite Pokemon. Both are based on Hyenas (mammals noted for their strong bite force) and both can access most biting moves (Bite, Crunch, Super Fang, Poison Fang, Fire...