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    Plz rate my Battle Subway Team<3

    (M)@Charcoal) Ability:Lightningrod Nature:Serious -Flame Charge -Thunderbolt -Wild Charge -Stomp (F)@(Magnet) Ability:Static Nature:Jolly -Electro Ball -Agility -Aerial Ace -Thunderbolt (M)@(Splash Plate) Ability:Big Pecks Nature:Rash -Water Pulse -Aerial Ace -Tailwind...
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    Lady Venus! Plz rate and help.

    Lady Venus' battle style is one I adore and is similar to my own. I want to use this team for both competitive as well as IG doubles and singles. I had the team based of her team,so plz and help and make it as awesome as ever. Thanks ^ __^ (F)@(King's Rock) Ability:Cute Charm...
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    MY first RMT.Help! I Love Water pokemon and need help!

    I want a good water type team and i need help with mine please. I know it'll be difficult,but I wanted it to focus on Milotic,it being my favorite pokemon but, also work without it,just in case of fainting. This team serves as one of my singles and doubles teams. (M)@(none) Ability...