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    Marble Hornets

    Not sure if this is the right place. Move/delete if necessary. Has anyone else heard of the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) on YouTube called Marble Hornets? It's a documentation of an eerie character named the Slender Man (see: your worst nightmares) stalking the characters. It becomes a mind...
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    Pokemom X vs. Pokemon Y

    Oh my god. Why are so many of these topics cropping up all of a sudden? It's annoying and takes up space. Basically, debate which out of two Pokemon you think are cooler/better/stronger/whatever. Be it they share the same type, or that you need to choose one for your team, or that they're...
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    Mario and Sonic in 2009

    This game has Sonic. This game has Mario. This game will come out late 2009. 3 guesses on what it is. Discuss.
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    YouTube Problem. :l

    Well, apparently my compy broke it's YouTube availability. :l This is what it looks like. In case you couldn't tell, I have a Mac, although this happened on my old Windows too. Any ideas?
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    Youtube stopped working for me.

    This morning, YouTube was working fine. Until about two hours ago, it stopped working completely. Here's a picture of what happens when I try to access any page on Youtube. Notice how long the bar at the bottom is. Every once in a while, it'll start working, but only for about two seconds...
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    Now I'll Show You!

    Yeah, so I made a drawing of Super Sonic. Blaaarrgh, I hate Sonic's hands so much. It took me about an hour and a half to make. I mostly based it off of this picture. It was pretty hard because of all the blurry chaos flames of awesome. Live and Learn, guys.
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    Ballsplat! (GameMaker Game)

    Just a quick game I made with my friend. If you win, you deserve a prize. BTW, there ARE controls. Don't say anything like "I'm clicking this and it's not working!" or "Nothing's happening when I press this button!" Download Ballsplat.exe
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    The Hygiene Heroes!

    Introducing... THE HYGIENE HEROES!!! Brace! Mister Listerine! Bunbun the Yogurty! A Soap Bubble! You shall bow before them! Here's the current sprite sheet:
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    My friend needs an Electrizer

    Read the title. Anyway, he has a Dialga, all 3 Legendary Beasts, and a Mew. Pick one, and he'll get it I guess. My friend coed is in my sig.
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    Pixel People II

    Do any of you remember an old comic that used to be here? It was called Pixel People. It wasn't that good. This, is Pixel People 2. Or II, according to the title. Comic 1: HAPPY MUSHROOM Comic 2: Complaints Comic 3: That's One Fancy Letter "I" Comic 4: Fans Comic 5: The Pixel Blender Comic...
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    Fear my awesome... MACHOKE LINK!

    Yeah, fear it and stuffs. I might post more of my sprites here.
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    Megaman: III.14159(and the rest)

    Welcome, to my newest comic, Megaman: Pi! It doesn't take place after Megaman 3, it actually takes place after Megaman 7. But it's in 8-Bit! I'll be hiding clues in a couple comics to why they got turned into 8-Bit, and why Bass is living with Megaman and the other light bots. Also, I'm made my...
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    lolz i cant draw

    I know, I REALLY can't draw. I got this cool pen-that-lets-you-draw-on-a-pad-that-transfers-it-to-the-computer pen, and I'm not used to it. Plus, the fact that I'm no good at drawing = This. Just commenet on the are STYLE. No "It has no shading!" or "Bleah. Ugly as heck." Just the art...
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    Adventures of a Stick Person!

    I'm gonna get sraight to the point this time. THE WEBSITE. Comics: Storyline 1: Training. Intro. Tough Battle. Invisible Ears. I missed! Oh well. At the Ninja Headquarters. Science Skillz. Now we do. Teh Training Room. SWEET CUPPIN' MERCY! We now Return to the Cyborg Ninja Monkey Program...
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    My Sprites of Sherlock.

    No, not Sherlock Holms. Sherlock Cow/Helicopter thing from SBEmail! I only want rates on shading, outline, and color.
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    Adventures of a Stick Person

    Well, here I am again, making another comic. For some reason they always seem to be ignored by other comics. Werid... anyway: Characters Page _______________ Storyline 1: Training. Intro. Tough Battle. Invisible Ears. I missed! Oh well. At the Ninja Headquarters. Science Skillz...
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    Serebii.net Forums in 4 Years

    What do you think the Forums (or the main website) will be like in 2010? Will there be another 130 Pokemon? Will the Fan Comics subforum get so big, it'll become it's own forum? What do you think will happen?
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    The Really Really Long Word Game.

    It's basically where one person adds a letter, then the next person adds another, and so on. Example: Person A: R Person B: Ru Person C: Ruk Person D: Ruka Person E: Rukan Get it? OK, I'll start. G
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    The Next Handheld

    Yeah, even though it's like, three years away, I just wanted to tell you guys a mini rant. So, the DS was awesome right? Well, so was the GB line. Nintendo's given a desicion: A: Make the best one screened handheld ever, with a touch screen/mic. B: Make a new DS with graphics like...
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    Favorite Video Game Quote

    Mine is... "I CAN TASTE THE CLOUDS! DELICIOUS FLUFFY CLOUDS!"- Any sick lazy guy in AC:WW Can't get better than that. Unless... "All your base are belong to us." "Someone set up us the bomb." "I HAVE FURY!!!" Guess.