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    ♡ SPPF Shipping Member x Member Thread - Version IX ♡

    ♡ SPPF Member x Member Shipping Thread - Version IX ♡ ♡ Introduction ♡ Hello! I'm Gothic-Gothorita! A little thing about me: I am a Shipping Fan Fiction Writer and a Lovey-Dovey Lovebird XD! Let us begin! Welcome to the 9th SPPF Member x Member Ship Thread! Encyclopika has granted me a...
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    Does any one like Ghost, Dark, Psychic, or Ice types???

    Hi my name is Ducklett12 and I started this thread. Send me a Friend Request if you like these types or if you want to see my 142 Teams! My favorite type is Ghost and my favorite Pokemon from it are Ghost: ;200;;353;;355;;356;;429;;477;:562::563:;425;;487;;478;;479; Dark...