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    oh, hello there person. I'm back. not that anyone cares.

    I guess I'm back. Wow this place has changed. Except for my infractions, am I right :D really sky? 4 years pass and you still don't let me use pics in my sig? Whateves. Anyway, I doubt any of you remember me. I'm pretty sure m friends are gone after 4 years. No mater. They...
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    shadow g.'s egg plaza and trade shop!

    WELCOME to Shadow G.'s egg plaza and trade shop! now that intros' out of the way... here is what i have: shinies: garchomp lv.54 lax (more will be added soon) non-shinies: legendary -kyurem lv.75 careful -zekrom lv.53 hardy victini (liberty...
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    chicken training?

    so my family bought 3 pullets rhode island reds yesterday, and there is this one that realy likes me. I was thinking about training them to do tricks. (go through hoops, ect.) any ideas???