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    "Official" Zelda timeline revealed.

    In a book released in Japan, there is (supposedly) a Zelda timeline. What is it? Take a look: [/SPOILER][/SPOILER]
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    PETA criticizes Super Mario 3D Land while having a porn site!

    It's true, its true. Here's the first data I've seen. Here's a response from Nintendo too. And here's the porn website info in the news.
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    The Club Nintendo Thread

    I haven't seen one (not in the first page at least) so here it is, the Club Nintendo thread!!! Just one thing though: apart from all normal rules, there is an extra rule that I need to add: PLEASE TELL WHICH COUNTRY CLUB NINTENDO YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. This is because there's a JP, USA and a...
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    My comp just... shut off, without me asking it to! First it closed all the programs I didn't have an eye on, then killed my Chrome pages, then shut down photoshop. It's probably win update but I'll get to that eventually: How do I stop it from doing this? I can restart it in my own time, not...
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    Photoshop being a piece of ****

    Let me show you this vid: http://www.4shared.com/file/nMYggCM1/clip0016.html Anyone know how to fix this?
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    BB cache problem

    Basically my blackberry likes to load old versions of pages. Any idea how to fix that?
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    Rain Dish Stall

    Welcome to my Rain Dish Stall team. @ Leftovers Calm Drizzle 252 HP / 252 Sp.Def / 4 Def Surf Toxic Protect Encore The point of this little guy is to set up rain. He's got Toxic, might help with the stall, Protect, to maybe do a small stall, Encore for SR leads, and Scald to...
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    Gastrodon and Quagsire

    Even though the awesomeness that has been granted to them this gen, they're still NU. Why? Discuss!
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    Weird-sized sprites/DW/Sugimori

    Have you seen any odd-sized artwork for Pokemon? For example Shinx is massively big compared to Luxray and Luxio in Sugimori!
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    Forums down for like a day now? WTH has ever happened?
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    What was this database error?
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    arceusvictini's Animation Studio

    [Shop Status:OPEN] [Hiring?: 3 Spots left] I am very indebted to pokegirlforever who will be creating overworlds for the new range of products that will be coming out as soon as I can make them. Thank you very much! Xat: http://xat.com/ArceusVictinisAnimationStudio [I'm off the xat] Notice from...
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    OoT3D question

    OK, I'm embarrased... How to do a backflip in OoT3D?
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    The 3DS Pokedex Thread!

    Welcome to the thread with all about Pokedex 3D! Here we will give newsflashes for 6 days, then We'll post the QR's! That's it! Discuss!
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    The Battlers

    Credit for these goes to SGG! Credit goes to Quilt! Credit for THIS goes to draya the dark master Welcome to The Battlers, a clan where we have fun in Pokemon Online. I'm arceusvictini, the leader of the clan. Trustworthy and good battlers will be accepted as Co-Leaders. They will be kept a...
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    My VGC (Hopefully!) team

    Rate My Team Please! Also, so I don't have to EV train/Breed in 1/2 days, I will underline a Pokemon and its moveset sometime. When it is, I can only change in moves, and then only TM/Level Up. When it's in italics, you can only suggest (for that Pokemon) what it is when it's underlined and EV...
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    Team Help V2.

    This time round, I'll try to stick to the rules. So here's the team that needs help!: Ferrothorn@Rocky Helmet Iron Barbs Sunny Day (mainly to boost Chandelure and Turn Vanilluxe's Weather Ball into a Fire, 100 Power BEAST!) Iron Head Power Whip Gyro Ball Carracosta@Muscle Band Solid Rock...
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    Team build

    I've got a team. Any help on bettering it will be appreciated. The format he will be used in is flat rules, doubles. Help? Ferrothorn@Rocky Helmet Iron Barbs Ingrain Iron Head Power whip Gyro ball Carracosta@Chesto Berry Solid Rock Earthquake Stone Edge Aqua Tail Rest Chandelure@Leftovers...
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    Pokemon movesets?

    I can't breed, but I've got mostly every TM in BW and I've got move relearner and Lvl up moves available. What movests should I give these pokemon? (Doubles, flat battle, VGC UK Juniors) Please no EV training, as it's late and I haven't the berries. Also recomendations on items? Hydregion...