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    Do you like how the gym leaders of Unova were portrayed in the anime?

    Do you like how the gym leaders were portrayed in the anime? Or did you think some of them weren't as unique as you wanted them to be? I personally wanted Skyla to have a better personality. Lenora, Chilli and Clay only battled for the sake of winning (they didn't actually care much about...
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    Speculation: Is Ash in a coma?

    [I am very sorry if this thread has already been created. If it has, please tell me.] There are numerous theories stating that when ash fell off Misty's bike in episode 001 (Pokemon I Choose You) he hit his head and may have gone into a coma There were more theories later on starting that...
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    Anime jokes and gags repeated on different characters.

    [I am not sure if there is a similar thread to this. If there is, then I am so sorry] In the anime there are many jokes and gags, but have you ever realised that some of those jokes and gags are repeated on different characters? For instance: the Butch name joke also happened to Stephan in...
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    Which character in the anime do you think had the strongest plot line?

    Out of every season (from OS to BW) which character (major or minor) do you think had the strongest storyline/progression? I personally thought James' had the best storyline. I mean, he was a rich kid forced to be married to Jessibell. I thought that was a good twist.
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    Where does BW stand in your favourite anime list?

    Did you think the new and improved graphic brought life to the anime? Or do you miss the nostalgic OS? or do you want to see more pokemon contests? So, where does BW stand in your favourite anime list?
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    Where does BW stand in your favourite pokemon games?

    Was BW your favourite game? Or did you find it not as interesting as the others? Please share your constructive opinions on BW :) Personally, I thought it was the strongest plot wise, owever i thought the post game was a little bit rushed, And it was a bit disappointing how there were hardly...
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    Has Meloetta gotten enough attention?

    Note: This is just my opinion. You can disagree if you want to, but no hateful comments BW is getting so repetitive. A lot of people hated piplup for getting so much screen time, but what about meloetta? She has like 30 episodes dedicated to her and a special short! What is so special about...
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    Do you think there is anything in BW and BW2 that could have been improved?

    Do you think there was anything that could have been added or subtracted from BW to make it how you would have like it? Or did BW meet all your expectations? My personal opinion: there could have been more humour added to the anime and they repeated a lot of things (like there were many...
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    Which Professor Layton Game Was Your Favourite?

    [NOTE:] When contributing to this thread, please give a good explanation. There are (so far) 4 professor layton games. "The Curious Village" was first. Then the 2nd game titled: "The Diabolical box" (retitled pandoras box in england) arrived. Then there was the finale of the main trilogy...
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    After beating the elite four and the champion....

    ....after the credits rolled, it went to the main menu. this time however it said "the game has been deleted due to corrpution." after 10 minutes of my banging my head against a wall in anger, i decided to find out why This is a brand new copy of pokemon emerald on a GBA cartridge. it is...
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    Pokemon Anime Character Graphics

    I drew these photos, scanned them onto my computer and then outlined, coloured and added effects to them on Gimp and Photoshop. enjoy! you can use them in your signature, but please credit me.
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    A somewhat important debate

    Is it rude to say that you love God? After all Christans, like me, are very devoted to God. Someone keeps telling me that its rude to say that you love God Just because some other religions dont belive in God What should i reply back? Do YOU think that its bad to say you love God...
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    Confused about the BW anime! please help!

    I live in england, so i watch pokemon in CITV. CITV has been airing Pokemon Rivals Destinies (the second season in the BW saga) for over 2 months now (one every saturday) so what is BW2? why are people saying about "BW2 hasnt aired yet" are they splitting the BW saga into two parts rather...
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    Spoilers- Will iris' plot in the BW games be included in the anime?

    As you may know (from serebii.net), IRIS is the new champion in the pokemon black and white 2 games (which is really ironic as me and my friend were joking if she would become one) do you think this will affect the anime storylines and will she do what misty did and leave ash? misty became a...
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    Who is the most relatable character to YOU in the anime?

    (Im sorry if this thread has altready been made. it probably has) Ash- a very strong, impatient, happy boy who is determined to win. His perseverance is his strong point. he is very kind and will always try to help, even when they get stuck in pretty sticky situations. Brock- A bit like a...
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    No past pokemon in the BW saga?

    Do you remember those DP fillers that featured pokemon from past generations? a lot of them were really good (like that one about the school that was underwater) however, there is one thing that is starting to confuse me. why are tehre no past generation pokemon in the FIRST BW season? BW is a...
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    A few of my newest graphics

    I draw pokemon, scan them and outline/colour/shade on Gimp/Photoshop Here is one of Drew: http://airfieldoverview.deviantart.com/#/d53twh1 Here is one of Happiny: http://airfieldoverview.deviantart.com/#/d53u20b More to come, i will edit this post when i make new ones. Please give me...
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    help with signature

    im actually not new to serebii, but seeing as this is a help forum... how do you add a certain picture to your signature i know how to add one in with IMG codes, but what about one that someone made for you in a fan art shop? how do i get it onto the signature? thank you
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    My pokemon BW team

    I have played BW 5 times and i have finally got a team that i am somewhat proud of I am just about to challenge N in the game (i am typing and playing pokemon) 1. Samurott (level 54) 2. Excadrill (level 52) 3. Zebstrika (level 52) 4. Unfezant (Levl 48) 5. Seismitoad (Level 48) 6...
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    History And Origins In The Pokemon Anime

    1. Jessie was originally nice and went to a chansey school to become a nurse, but eventually the chansey drove her crazy and she joined team rocket. what would it have been like if jessie had actually stayed nice? 2. Paul's brother Reggie was defeaten by Brandon (the battle pyramid king)...