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    Shiny Hunters Guild

    Welcome to the Shiny Hunters Guild, a place specially made for those with the endurance to hunt shiny pokemon for a long time. Just look around and tell me if you want anything. Workers: Im accepting work applications, so if you want to help me out just PM me. CLOSED Waiting...
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    Official 5th Gen. EV/IV (Training) Thread

    On a lot of other threads there are questions about EV/IV training and other stuff like the wing's on the bridges in pokemon B/W. Well here can you discuss all this stuff. Just talk about your experience and what you are training right now. And of course all the Serebiiforums rules apply here as...
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    Apokelypse: Lunatune, Seviper and Solrock.

    First of all my English is terrible I know. and second: This is fiction, so Pokemon don't eat eachother! Have fun :) Chapter 1 It was a clear night on the pokemon planet earth. all stars were like little gems. the seviper family was big and everyone was asleep. exept for one litlle...
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    DPPt shiny forum

    just talk about shiny pokemon with chaining, soft-resetting and random encounters. so share youre story on the DPPt shiny forum.