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    Mass Effect (2)

    One of the most unique RPG games ever made, well-received by the same people who loved KOTOR, an intense story with intense shoot-out battles and overall unique gameplay with the many choices you have to make as Commander Shepard. I'm talking about Mass Effect ofcourse! People who played (and...
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    Your most favorite anime VILLAIN!

    I bet I'm not the first one who made a thread like this, but since I couldn't find a (recent) topic on this subject, I decided to make a new one! So, who is your favorite anime villain ever, and why? Mine would either be Zabuza (Naruto) or Captain Smoker (One Piece)...
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    Very Slow

    Okay this is a problem I have since, well, I think since the beginning I joined this forum. In the morning and afternoon, the forum is usually pretty fast, as it's supposed to be with my 40Mb/s internet connection. Though, wen it's evening or night, this forum becomes unbearable slow...
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    Mac v.s PC

    The old fashioned Mac v.s PC debate that everyone loves, hates, hates to love or loves to hate. Anyway, what kind of computer do you use and do you have a good reason for it or just because? Debate! PS: I use a Mac because I'm a multimedia-artist. I think I am an Apple fanboy (I...
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    Oak's Letter

    So I've read that this week all Platinum possessors can get a wonder card for Shaymin through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. To bad I only have Diamond. BUT... A friend of mine does have Platinum and he got his Shaymin today. Now I've read on serebii.net that some wonder cards can be send to...
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    Trading on DS

    Is it possible to trade between 3rd gen. pokémon games on two DS's? For example, I have pokémon Fire Red, but no GBA, my friend has Leaf Green and also a DS (lite) like I do, is it possible to trade between Fire Red and Leaf Green using two DS lite's?
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    Ground Types

    For what I've seen and heard, ground typed pokémon are used allot in competitions. I wouldn't know, since I'm totally new to (serious) pokémon competitions. So, discuss ground type pokémon here. Which ground type pokémon is your favorite and why? Which ground type pokémon is the strongest...
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    Alakazam or Gengar?

    Since there are so many pokémon types and only 6 place in your team it can be pretty hard to decide which pokémon to put in your team sometimes. Like now, I'm thinking about psychic v.s ghost. Should I go for psychic (Alakazam) or ghost (Gengar)? Both have their pre's and con's, so yeah, what...
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    I guess most of you people will know what 'grinding' means and for the one who doesn't, it means beating up lots of simple foes to gain a lot of (small) portions of exp. This is a technique often used in RPG's and MMORPG's to level up your character. Although it goes slower than beating up foes...
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    Legendaries in your common team

    What is your opinion on packing your deck/team full with legendaries? In my opinion it ruins partly the fun of the game. Although I did use a team with Zapdos and Mewtwo on my old classic pokémon red, and Lugia, Ho-oh and Raiko on my old fashioned silver, I recently changed my mind while...
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    Okay, maybe a stupid question, but can someone explain to me what EV's mean and what it does? I've seen this term often on this forum and I've never heard of it before I joined this forum. What does EV mean? What does it do?
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    Blaziken + Torterra v.s Infernape + Sceptile

    Okay, this question is not about which Pokemon you think is cooler, but which one actually is better in battles in your opinion. Currently I'm playing Diamond with Chimchar as a started Pokemon and a friend of mine has some spare starters for me. I already decided I want either a Blastoise...