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    Your gross stories.

    This was a pretty cool thread back in the glory days of Misc; thought I should bring it back. Share your gross stories, but please know your limits. I don't think anyone wants an extremely detailed account of that massive crap you took.
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    The best game you have ever played.

    Post the best game you've ever played; it's pretty simple. Also, control yourself if someone loves a game you hate. Even if someone's best game is Superman 64, just let them do their own thing. As for me, it's Gran Turismo 4, until I play something better.
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    My crappy attempt at a banner

    I'm currently trying to get in touch with my artsy side. Not going well, but I do screw around on Photoshop and try to make banners. Here's my first banner: http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z230/Beaver_Idiot/sc-leaf.jpg I know it's not that good. I am accepting Photoshop lessons, so...
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    Anarchy - Your take on it?

    Here's where sppfers can debate about anarchy. Many pros and many more cons of anarchy. Here's where you can debate about them all. I feel that if anarchy ever ruled, a government would eventually be established.
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    Gwah, ISP probs.

    We got a new ISP. With our old one, I used to simply take the ethernet cable out of the main computer and put it in my laptop and surf the 'net. Now, with this new ISP, it won't connect. I have Vista, and it keeps saying something about Error 815. It appears connected, but once you try to...
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    Motivational Posters thread.

    These are popular around the internets, so I thought I'd give them a shot here. Post some of your favourites, and keep them clean plz. I'll start. http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z230/Beaver_Idiot/ca46e8f33e.jpg EDIT: Make your own at link #1 link #2
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    Final Fantasy XIII trailer revealed!

    All FF fans, go berserk, kthxbai. EDIT: can a mod fix the thread title to "Final Fantasy XIII trailer revealed"?
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    Games you absolutely hated.

    Just post a game you hated. More than 5 posts of Superman 64 will be considered fail.
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    Guitar Hero On Tour

    It comes out today; anyone getting it?
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    DTV - Your thoughts?

    As people may have heard, the FCC (or some place like that) is turning off analog broadcasts and switching to digital. What are your thoughts on this?
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    Verizon sues Time Warner

    http://www.neowin.net/news/main/08/04/11/verizon-sues-time-warner Discuss, people. I personally think Verizon should STFU because they suck.
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    I Am Legend: Is it possible?

    No, I'm not talking about Will Smith being the last person on Earth. I'm talking about how the cure for cancer messed up everyone. My question is, given IAL is set in such the near future, do you think it's possible this might really happen?
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    Dumbest Movies of '07

    Just tell what you think are some of the dumbest movies that came out in 2007. I don't have any, as I didn't really go to the movies a lot last year.
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    Games that you waited and waited for that turned out to be crap.

    Just talk about games that you had waited forever to get your hands on, and when you do, it's crap. Mine would be Soulcalibur Legends. I thought "Good, I won't miss out on the new Soulcalibur games". It was crap.
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    Why do people hate the Wii?

    That's a question. And also, I have a rant to go with it. Now, seriously, I know all the Wii's faults. It's the weakest system (in terms of graphics), there's not a lot of "hardcore" games, no multimedia, not a lot of online games, and it's got a nice few bad games under its belt. And don't...
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    Wii-related question.

    Can the Wii interact with my flash drive?
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    Cyborg 009

    Who remembers this anime? It was showed on Cartoon Network for like a month. $100 if anyone remembers.
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    I got a virus..

    And I'd just like to know, is the "Obfustat.IXG" virus dangerous?
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    Rate my E-Hero Deck (still in progress)

    This is Yu-gi-oh, BTW. Here is my E-Hero deck.. (in the order the cards came out my pocket :D) Heavy Storm Malevolent Nuzzler Seven Tools of the Bandit Premature Burial Elemental Hero Bubbleman Elemental Hero Neos Shadow Spell Axe of Despair Tribute to the Doomed...
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    Looking into the future

    OK, so what do you think the next generation of video games will be like? I'm not talking about the current gen (PS3, 360, Wii). I think the next generation will be virtual reality gaming. Imagine playing Halo and being Master Chief, playing KH and being whoever the hell is the main...