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  1. K

    Rate My Platinum Battle Tower Team!

    This my first time ever making an EV trained team, but if you think it sucks, dont be afraid to be harsh. I'll gladly accept harsh criticism. :) Gyrados(Adamant)w/Leftovers 252 ATK/252 SPD/6 HP -Dragon Dance -Waterfall -Stone Edge -Ice Fang Pretty generic Gyrados. Intimidate+Leftovers...
  2. K

    NHL 2008/2009 Season

    Well the hockey season just started a few days ago, so let the discussion begin! Sharks are off to a great 3-0 start, but they didnt seem as sharp in the third game as in the first two games. Of course thats probably just cause it was the second game of a back to back. Otherwise the new coach...
  3. K

    Which pokemon should I use?

    Okay, so I just restarted my firered yesterday , and I'm not sure which pokemon I should use on my in-game team. I am trying to use pokemon that people dont really use. This is my idea. A * means i am keeping it for sure,a # means its currently on my team. I already beat Brock and cleared Mt...
  4. K

    Two XD questions

    I'm planning on getting XD(yah, i know, it's two years old, but i like it) I think it wont cost that much since it's old, but i own a wii so i'll need to buy a gamecube controller and a gamecube memory card, so i amwondering how much all three of those things would cost in dollars. Also, i...