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    Sapphire Blue with a Diamond Hue

    Genre: Fantasy Rating: PG-13 for mild use of language Prologue _________________________ It was pretty late, considering I was on a bus in the middle of the night. I wasn't scared, but I figured it was better safe than sorry. So I had ripped a tiny hole in my pocket were I slid a knife...
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    Do oompaloompas spraytan, or what?

    i want to hear your opinoin on how oompaloompas are orange
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    The absolutly most awsome freakalicious random thread ever!!!

    here you post random things that dont make sense for example:evil potatos will rule the world someday youll see!just wait till Mr. cheese bubbles finds out!we shall celebrate! mabey ill even curl my mustach!/like that but wat more random!be ultra random! express your inner randomness! just dont...
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    Are Entei and Chubaka Related?

    this thread is quite simple to me im just trying to find out if chubaka and entei are related i realized a while ago that they look quite related so i wanted to know if they were cousins brothers or what
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    Spongebob Squarepants

    Do you like Spongebob? If you do, post on this thread about your favorite episodes, characters, excedera...