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    looking for duskull evolution line

    Would love dusclops or dusknior if anyone has extra please
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    Anybody here likes zapdos?? Zapdos is my favorite pokemon
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    dawn stone

    were is it?
  4. H

    current team

    wat is your current d/p team on you now
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    how far r u

    i dont no if sum1 made this thread yet idk how far r u guys in the game im heading to my frist gym badge in a minute
  6. H

    you think..

    that gary whould go back to a pokemon trainer and stop being a reasearcher
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    what will you catch frist

    i dono if someone made somthing like but i not going look thourgh planty of pages well who will you catch frist im goin starly
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    is it true..

    is it true that u must see the pokemon b4 you trade ex:you need to see milotic b4 you can trade him to your game please cuase i read somewhere that you need to see the pokemon
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    iz any1 going crazy or itching just to play this game

    cuz im just going crazy for the 22
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    eevee evolutions

    do you think before pokemon is over that eevee will achive all types to evlove in
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    do you think that the 4th gen will live up to its hype

    i think it will because rumor has this will be the best selling pokemon GAME
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    what makes the 4th gen so cool

    i think there cool becuse theres is alot pre-evo and evo from the previouse gens ;476;
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    beedrill or beegueen

    who do u think is better i like beedrilll better cause he rocks