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    I have returned!

    Yeah it's me and I'm back! I remember all of my good times here and I hope to have more! Well does any one rememba me?
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    Metroid Prime 3 Friend Credit Exchange

    Is anyone in need of the friend credits is Prime 3? If you need some so you can get stuff in the Bonus Gallary post your wii number and wii name here and Metroid fans will make sure you get them. My info is: Name: Michael Wii Number: 6389-8675-7235-9113 I will give friend credits when...
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    Pokemon Federation

    ;392; Welcome I'm Flame leader of the Federation! Only come here if you have graet skills, can come to missions, and solve very confusing areas. Rules: Follow Serebii rules No double posting No Flaming No Spam No bumping posts You can't post anything except the sign up until you are...
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    Total Pokemon Action!

    ;392; Welcome to Total Pokemon Action! I'm Flame the host. Here we test the best pokemon of them all. That pokemon will also win lots of cash! Rules: Follow Serebii rules No bumping No spam No double posting There is going to be 20 people put into teams of 10. You must sign up before...
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    Heatran in Movie 12

    Well today it was revealed that in movie 12 there is a posiblity that Heatran will be in it. I made this thread so we can talk about it and tell what we think its role will be.
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    Animal Crossing: City Folk FAQ

    Ok well there is a lot of questions people have on Animal Crossing City Folk so I made this thread so we can post some of these questions and their answer. Please no double post or spam. Q.What happens if you get bit by a tarantula on the game? A.You faint and wake up in front of your house...
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    Help My Team Please!

    Ok well on Saterday I'm haveing a big pokemon battle with my friends and whoever wins must be addressed as Pokemon Master for 3 days and I was wondering if you chould help me with my team. It is: Infernape -Flare Blitz -Mach Punch -Flame Wheel -Grass Knot Luxray -Thunder -Discarge...
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    Help Please!

    Ok well you all know that mini picture under your username. Well I've seen many people with different ones and I was wondering how do you change it?
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    Create an episode

    Here post some episodes you'd like to see. Example: Title: The Loponey way! Events: Dawn's Buneary evolves in the final round in a contest when Dawn is haveing troble with the other person's Monferno. Pokemon makeing first anime apearence: Loponey, Monferno