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    Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

    Friend Code: 0817-3787-1917 Pokemon in My Safari: I think it's bug type Pokemon I am Looking For: Ditto
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    My sprites

    My sprites.. YAY! I don't really make many sprites anymore, I don't even know if I'm any good. If I could be pointed in the right direction, without affecting my style too much it would be muchly appreciated ^^ I'll only post the sprites I make that I like. I hate doing shops, so I guess I'll...
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    ..::Baltoy's Sprite shop::..

    ^Yes like that. I'll get onto them now, it's looking like my laptops not going to work D: I'll have to use the slow desktop D: I couldn't do the Marowak + Tangrowth, I'm no good with the Tangela family feel free to request something else though, sorry. But I could do the Drifloon + Riolu here...
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    ..::Baltoy's Sprite shop::..

    Yes I did, did I say I wanted workers? Will do the other request tomorrow when I will(hopefully) get my laptop back. Also the forms should be filled in like this: Form: Base: Other Pokemon: Simple really...
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    ..::Baltoy's Sprite shop::..

    ^I recognise you from another forum, so I'll say one at a time, knowing how many you have up your sleeve =P Here it is =D I'm not sure it's that good, because Eevee's outlines were a little choppy to begin with.
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    ..::Baltoy's Sprite shop::..

    Hi. I'm Baltoy<YOU and I want some practice in making some sprites, considering the site I'd usually go on is pretty much diying in terms of activity I thought that I'd go here and get some requests for my sprites.
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    My Sprites!

    It's a Swablu. Not Natu. Also there's no any missing pixels, the outlines are just completely wrong there. I know that P:
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    My Sprites!

    Hi! I like to stop by here every so often to get crits on my newest sprites. Here are my most recent sprites! Recolors: Mixes: I know it's not that many. But I'll update it when I make some more sprites. I haven't sprited much lately. I hope to change that though ^o^ Eep. Forgot to make the...
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    Baltoy's sprites

    -Bump- An update. Just to clarify I do not like nintendo's stlye, my sprites will conform to my own style and a lot of the time this means no black outlines.
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    Baltoy's sprites

    That's an edited version of the Arcanine, what do you think?
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    Baltoy's sprites

    I don't like using black outlines. Surely it doesn't matter that much when you are only revamping to your own style as apposed to a specific gen?
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    Baltoy's sprites

    I've been spriting for a while now and I'm new here, so I decided to show off some sprites =D Pixel overs Recolors Mixes Revamps
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    Yeah I am =D

    Yeah I am =D
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    For the third time <.<

    This time I'm back to stay. Absolutely no one will recognize me unless they go to my 'home site' which I will not mention because I don't want to advertise. Anyway hey you can call me Jamie if you like. My name has no origin as of such and it's not a typo btw it is Baltoy<YOU.
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    Which Pokemon did you pick for your partner and why(PMD2)

    I chose Piplup for no particular reason. I've grown to hate it lately so I'm probably going to start again. =D
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    Hi I just remembered about here :D

    cdruthjdntglrdyt;[ltfhkgfhomtfjykritryioputhjnytngjhnjghnjnjfklmhlkfglkd]s sk tojhjgfuh]jof jfyhjifhgsyeeybvghsbdfhbfchnjdkljgbkdfthnjlghp;jg[jrodhn'd;h'dyhg''df'fhgxf'xhf'xdh''hgd#h#d#g#gdd dkdohkdiojijfdigodkflpdfokigdghuju
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    My little shop on the corner

    Hello, welcome to my shop I'm happy to serve as long as your following the[Forum] rules and polite. So I do a whole variaty of thigs here they are: Request list: 1 2 3 4 5 *Cuts ribbon* Get requesting =D
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    dungeon time and darkness starter, who will you choose?

    I will answrer the quiz honestly see what I get of course
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    Have you restarted your game?

    Yeah I've restarted, like twenty times I counted.
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    Favorite PMD attack

    Bullet seed and fury attack, no question about it!