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    Haha, I don't really care. Thanks for caring though ;3

    Haha, I don't really care. Thanks for caring though ;3
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    Hi~ :3 Okay, I guess. My dad left my mom.. again. I don't really care though.

    Hi~ :3 Okay, I guess. My dad left my mom.. again. I don't really care though.
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    ~{*Cute Pokemon Club*}~

    Um.. hi. I was an old member that kinda turned inactive for a while, and I was wondering if I could possibly rejoin? as for cutest Pokemon.. Espeon is super cute, and so is Buneary. :3
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    Communcations with Illutr

    Aoi is technically a name in Japanese, along with the meaning of the word orange and green I believe. Ai is common in Japanese names, but it doesn't necessarily mean love every time. Along with ko, which means either 'child of' or 'reverance'. So really, most names in Japan have roots to real...
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    Communcations with Illutr

    Name: Aoi Age: 13 Gender: Female Physical Description: Aoi has long, flowing, mint green hair with her hair split down the middle, the left bang covering her left eye partially. In the right side of her head, she has a plaid butterfly clip to hold back her hair. She has large...
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    The Animal Lovers Club

    I am so, so, SO VERY sorry I haven't been active. Been trashed with Chorus, Christmas Stuff, and school, sorry again, I'll try and be as active as possible from here on out.
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    The Animal Lovers Club

    Sorry for recent inactivity, been very busy as of late. Anyways, hope to become more active in the near future.
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    Castle Time Warp (The Sign Up)

    Thanks for the compliment ^^ Yay, first to be accepted. *Feels special*
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    The Animal Lovers Club

    Thanks for the advice and the new rule update. I think I'll go with Surskit or Furret then, maybe Ledyba. So now we're voting for types of snakes, right? Well.. I vote for.. Albino Corn Snake, as we have one in science class. It's so cute ^^
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    The Animal Lovers Club

    *Sigh* How I hate family visiting over on Christmas eve. It's too crowded to get anywhere and my cousins always bother me. For animal of the week, I choose.. wolf. NOTE: I can't decide on an avatar ;.; I'm stuck between my current one, EXTRR Ledyba, EXUFO Blissey Ex, EXUFO Bellossom, EXUFO...
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    The Animal Lovers Club

    Wow.. thanks for considering me ^^ You can count on me being more active during Christmas Break, considering my life is the computer virtually. For the topic, Rabbits are one of my favorite animals, because of it's cuteness, fluffiness, and it's gentle and fun nature. Foxes are a tie with...
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    Rate The Signature Above You {v.02}

    9/10 Who doesn't like Chobits and Japanese?
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    Fire Emblem: Worlds Collide

    I added the stuff to my SU, can't wait for more people.
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    Fire Emblem: Worlds Collide

    Just to let you know, I'm a girl. That's okay though. I've roleplayed quite a bit, but most were normal 'Just-type-a-couple-sentences' kind. I've been in a few literate RPs, maybe two or three. I love the Fire Emblem series, so I really got into it. Thanks for the compliment. Forgot something...
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    Fire Emblem: Worlds Collide

    Name: Layla Caineghis Age: 14 Gender: Female Home: The Capital of Gallia; Path of Radiance Alignment: Gallia; Crimea Appearance: Layla has short, side positioned, dark blue cat ears. Her hair is a slightly lighter tint, and is rather short with a few mild curls. Her lips are silky and...
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    The New Bookworms Club

    My least favorite genre? Most likely fluffy Romance or Non fiction.
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    Raptured Shadows - An Okage Role Play

    Sorry for the double post, just wanted to say that the RP should be up in a day or two, and I'm going to ask for discussion thread permission.
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    .:The Thirteenth Order of SPPF:.

    OOC: Here's an article I found a month ago about the Organization One. Links to others. Roxas looked through his bag, finding his nPod (Nobody Pod XD) and placed the earphones in his ears, turning the volume on full blast. He played his Theme Song. He sat down and sighed. He couldn't stand...
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    Christian Alliance

    I couldn't live without my grandpa. I'll be praying Manapyman, hope you get through it. ^^
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    Castle Time Warp (The Sign Up)

    Name: Amelia Lemaria Damascus Age: 13 Gender: Female Time: Past Personality: Amelia is a rather friendly and peppy girl, and always does things without a serious face. Despite this, she is a really concentrative person, and her blank and idiotic face is just the way she concentrates. Always...