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    Yo rate my Black team

    Emboar Adamant nature blaze 252 hp,252 special defense, 4 attack item: leftovers bulk up flame charge brick break volt charge Playing this pokemon is the trickiest out of the 6, I really like him but hes a bag of meat, slow and defenseless. The only hope he has is to have enough flame...
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    ev training

    sorry i dont know where this thread exactly fits in but im talkin about ev training in my heart gold. i dont understand the ev training objective, an example is my pokemon, if i give it 4 hp, 252 attack, and 136 speed, then what does "4 hp" mean? like u only train for hp ev 1 level? 252...
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    what smogon says means u have to use AR perhaps

    everytime i look for strategies for my pokemon it says they need moves that cant be obtained in the appropriate versions,and that bothers me. i will give u an example, i look up a pokemon and counter is needed,and counter is needed for more then 1 of my pokemon. if this is the case,is it a...
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    Why is the server so slow?

    everytime when i click on a thread,it takes forever to open the page,even when i try to reply,when it replies i actually double post,and i always have to delete my double post. everything is slow here,annoying! and no its not me,i tried the forums in 3 different houses and its still slow,i...
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    Transformers War for Cybertron

    I apologize if thers already a thread of this,sorry,lazy to look cuz SERVER IS SO DAMN SLOW!! this is an amazing game, a decent campaign and amazing online play, I will be ranking up soon online with soldier class, if u wanna join me, my gt is ImmenseMan. ratchet ftw
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    Rate my current official team

    Jumpluff lv 100 sleep powder leech seed bounce substitute item:leftovers I have a lot of speed with it,not a pokemon to instant ko another pokemon,i use sleep powder,leech seed,then substitue,when time passes then i use bounce to combine the damage with leech seed. Slaking lv 100...
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    pikachus exploration club

    i heard that theres something called pikachus exploration club,i find no sources about it other that its a pikachu short,is it released cuz its no where on youtube.
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    if u purified a shadow pokemon,what secret moves u would want?

    for example,in pokemon xd,poochyena was a shadow pokemon and when hes purified,he has heal bell,you only could get a heal bell poochyena from that game.Imagine a new shadow pokemon game for wii,if your favorite pokemon was a shadow pokemon,what never b4 learned moves do u want from it?
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    Slaking/truant or Regigigas/slow start

    Slaking is a non legend pokemon that has a bases stat of 670,however,its truant ability makes it unable to attack every second turn. Regigigas is a legend pokemon,perhaps not cheap or overpowered at all like the other legends,it has slow start which halves its attack and speed for the first 5...
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    Whats with Regigigas being so weak?

    k wtf this doesnt make sense at all,the legendary birds have a master,lugia,its a uber,the legendary dogs have a master,ho oh,its a uber,the regis have a master,regigigas,its not a uber! wtf the 3 regis were my favorite in the 3rd generation but when the 4th gen came,i was crazy about...