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    Love is Blind Sometimes ~ A Kiba X Ino Fic

    This was my first acceptable fan fic that I started a few months back. I hope you enjoy.. Written in Ino's POV. It's AU (Alternate Universe) by the way. Chapter 1: Chapter 1: “Ino, wake up!” My dad screamed to me from downstairs. “Unghh… Coming daddy!” I yelled. I put my blond hair in a usual...
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    Raptured Shadows - An Okage Role Play

    Two-thousand years ago, a young boy was forced onto an adventure with the Evil King Stan. This young, overshadowed boy was in for a living heck with his newfound annoying evil king of a possessed shadow. Meeting up with lots of quirky friends, he soon found out he was never meant to exist in...
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    Hi I guess..

    Hey, I just joined earlier tonight. Or today for some people >.> timezones always get me. Anyways, besides the obvious love of Pokemon, I love indie music, especially GregoRy and the hawK. Video games and anime are cool, too. my favoeirw anime is Lucky ? Star, and my favorite game is a tie...