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    What Are....

    What are some funny mis-sayings/mis-spellings of Pokemon have you ever heard/seen? Heard: -Pock-eee-man -Poke-uh-man I haven't really seen any funny mis-spellings
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    Pokémemories The good old days. Here in this thread, discuss some old memories related to Pokémon that you would love to re-live or just wanna discuss. Here's my favourite Pokémemory: I remember when I was 5, I remember always getting so excited to come home from school to watch an episode...
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    Poster I Made

    I did this up a while ago. The main poster is in the middle. I also added to extra posters next to it. I think I did pretty good on this. Here it is: So waddya think?
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    Top 10 Canadian Anime Faves, Guess who's #1

    http://ca.blog.360.yahoo.com/buzz_index_canada Pokemon made it to #1 on this list. Pretty cool isn't it? I just found this now (I'm on my parent's computer and I saw this on their homepage) on that site while scrolling down the page and I thought it would be cool to share it with you guys.
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    Rate The Above Song

    I saw this game a wayyyy while back and the last post is from last year. Anyway, here's how it works. You name a song and the below poster will rate it out of 10 then they'll name a song that the poster below them has to rate. Example: Poster 1: (Song Title) by (Artist) Poster 2...
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    The Lives Of Bandmates (Redone)

    *~WARNING~* This story is rated PG-13 due to violence and use of drugs coming up in later chapters This is astory that got closed yesterday because I did some nooby stuff with it. This time, I made it longer, I kept the colour defualt instead of red so it's not hard for readers to read...
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    The Lives Of Bandmates (Based On True Events)

    Note that if this sucks it's because it's my first piece of writing. Half of it is fiction, half of it isn't. I'll have new chapters ready every Monday. This story is based on my second favourite band Hole. All the characters are based on their members and their friends/family. Characters...
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    Courtney Love/Hole Fanclub

    Hey, Welcome to the Courtney Love/Hole fanclub, here we basically discuss Courtney and the band, their music and other misc about them. Starting in March, there'll be a monthly newsletter going around sent by PM about updates in the club, you may only subscribe by PMing me. If you no longer...
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    Garbage fanclub

    Hey, Welcome to the Garbage fanclub, here we basically discuss the band, their music and other misc. Starting in March, there'll be a monthly newsletter going around sent by PM about updates in the club, you may only subscribe by PMing me. If you no longer wanna be on the list, PM me. But...
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    Locke-Kefka's movies!

    you guys probably remember my old thread with the crappy movies, but since it got old, i decided to make a new thread. with some old favourites(not really) and some new and improved stuff. The Old Stuff: - http://media.putfile.com/Poke-Rap25 - poke rap- first try, but getting old -...
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    the things that remind you of the good old days

    for me it was all the craze happening over pokemon when it was real popular and like everyone had R/B/Y and then there was the toys and they were pretty damn fun to play with and i still got em in my fav toy box so what reminds you of the good old days? post here!
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    The Man Who Cried "Cracker" (rated CS for Comedy and Stupid stuff)

    welcome to my first fic!!! this story is based on the fic :"The Boy Who Cried Wolf". The fic is about an old man that loves crackers and so does his family, as they go to the forest to eat lunch, they are shocked to find out that there are no crackers inside their lunch bags. Then the old man...
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    plz rate my Emerald team

    Hariyama-lv.46 Nature-Bold Moveset-Strength,Rock Smash,Vital Throw,Dig Ev's- HP: 208, Attack: 119,Defense: 84,SP.Atk.:55,SP.Def.:74,Speed:72 Grumpig-lv.56 Nature-Sassy Moveset- Psychic,Flash,Snore,Bounce Ev's- HP:165,Attack:72,Defense:86,SP.Atk.:117,SP.Def.:146,Speed:96...
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    The Avril Lavigne Club

    approved by psi umbreon welcome! this is the Avril Lavigne club for all you fans but before you enter there are some rules you must obey.. here they are: 1)please stay on topic 2)don't be nagitive 3)no porn 4)you are allowed to post pictures of Avril (nothing bad or edited) 5)any...
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    My movies

    heres some movies I made: (you'll probobly hate them) http://media.putfile.com/Poke-Rap25 - Pok'e Rap - rating:1-10:7 http://media.putfile.com/Video-Game-Short-Film - rating:1-10....9 (the first movie i made) maybe more
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    game boy characters now turned into rock stars!

    ok here's my pics when ever theres new ones it will be put into the new section all the others go into the other pics section. requests: Closed Forever .... updates: now taking requests for mix ups such as guitar players with drums (you know stuff like that) other updates: WARNING! might be...
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    My ninja drawing

    here's a drawing of my ninja. I hope you like it!