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    The Chocomel Dex!

    Welcome to THE yummiest dex ever. Most of you, probably, don't what know what is a dex. A dex is a project just like a region or so, that the host, me, would try and make as much pokemon as possible in a palette, or a pattern or a scratch or a.. style. My style is.. Chocomel, with is a combo...
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    The Rare Eggery, Easter Version!

    This place is closed for now. No more requests.
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    La La Fantastic Fusion Shoppe~

    Welcome, Mister and Miss! Welcome to La La Fantastic Fusion Shop, where the BEST fusions are made, and guarantie it. Here is our rules, be sure to read and do. 1- All SppF rules apply. 2- Give credit. 3- No stealing. 4- Use the stinkin form. 5-No Spammng or Flamming. 6- If you...
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    Celebired & Collocus's Banner Shop~

    Hello, welcome to our banner shop And the next "Best Banner Shop" at SerebiiForums. Here do all kinds of banners. We have the right amazing examples for you. You think I am dumb right? No. Rules first. Da Roolz: 1. Sppf Rules apply, go read em nao. 2. No spamming, flamming, bashing...
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    Ahmed's Good Shop

    I am back, read the rules and request!! 1. All forum rules apply. 2. No mass requesting. 3. Follow each workers rules as well. 4. Always give credit. 5. You will not be warned if you Spam, instant report. 6. No art theft, it will be reported. 7. Use at least, readable grammar. 8...
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    Ahmed's Extremo Shop

    I am back!! And better!! You have to read the rules and deal with the consiquences. Rules: 1. Do not spam what so ever, if you do, your name will add to the warn list, and if you do it again you will be banned from this shop. 2. Do not flame, or make fun of my work or anyones work/ 3. Do...