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    Official SPPF Skip•Beat! Discussion Thread

    Official SPPF Skip•Beat! Discussion Thread Discuss Skip•Beat! here! All rules apply here of course. So discuss everything from "What did Kyoko get Ren for his birthday?" to "What does Reino see in Kyoko?" to . SPOILER ALERT! Please use Spoiler tags on anything that happens after the...
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    The Adventure of Life

    This is a partner project that I am doing with digipoke1. I post the story in my POV first, then he does it. We complete each chapter together prior to posting, and we'll try to post regularly and at the same time. We hope to make them longer as we go along. I think we'll rate this PG to begin...
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    Memories (NEW! Assistantblondeshipping Rated PG)

    Hello everyone! Me and my big sis Tabby have successfully finished the prologue of our fanfiction. It's about that blue-haired assistant of Prof. Rowan. His name is Yuzo and Tabby decided to make a comic about his life for some reason or another, and then we decided to make her comic into a...
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    If I was a Pokemon Trainer (Rated G)

    I haven't posted a normal Fic yet so please read and review. Basically, this fanfiction is how me and my friend's lives would be like if we were Pokemon trainers. I changed our names to protect our privacy but other than that thats it. This fic is rated G and I don't own Pokemon. (Seriously I...