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    Silvally gets to hang out with the OU cool kids

    This is the best location I know of for RMT threads, so I return from a long slumber to request your opinions! Though I have very little experience battling competitively, this team has proved to be rather powerful. I initially drafted it for a tournament I have soon, but have enjoyed testing...
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    Alien Truths

    What is this fic about? A young man, knowing nothing but the True way, wanders into a world of differing Ideals on a quest to understand the origin of his mysterious travel partner. I may have bitten off more than I can chew here, but I'm going through with this. My writing process is very...
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    Trying new Pokémon

    Trying new Pokémon I posted this in the competitive RMT, but all I got was some rude rep. So I thought I'd try here, and if you think I'm RMTing wrong, tell me why so I can improve. I have another team to rate, this time mostly untrained. Only one of the members has reached "Team Status,"...
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    Your win/lose ratio?

    In Random Matchup (Or just about any player versus player match) how many times do you win compared to how many times you lose? For example, my statistics: Single Battles: 4/21 Double Battles:1/3 Triple Battles: 0/1 Rotation battles: 0/0 Overall: 5/25 I think I'm doing something wrong...
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    Aiming for a balanced team

    I would like you to rate the movesets and held items of my main team. Sigilyph lv. 40 (No permanent item, Macho Brace for now) Quiet Nature. Tinted Lens ability Moves: Calm Mind Air Slash Psyshock Heat Wave I raised this pokemon from an egg when I saw that I needed a flying-type. Klinklang lv...