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    LF Elegant, Garden, Meadow, Monsoon, River, Tundra Scatterbug Eggs

    Hey friends - title says it all. I can get Scatterbugs for any other pattern (minus Poké Ball and Fancy, of course), and if you prefer an egg I can get those as well (it will just take a bit longer). I also have a very large selection of Hidden Ability Pokémon (at one point I had every HA...
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    LF Swarm, Trophy Garden, Great Marsh Nat Dex 'Mons

    Hi friends! I'm looking for the following 'mons from the categories in the title: Swarm Makuhita, Nosepass, Spoink Trophy Garden Plusle, Minun, Castform Great Marsh Yanma, Shroomish, Gulpin I can offer an egg of any (breedable) Pokemon in the National Dex except those listed.