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    This thread is to discuss the reality series Survivor. Is anyone else a huge fan? Anyone else excited for Blood vs. Water? Who was/is your favorite castaway. Feel free to discuss any aspect of the show.
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    The Hoenn Triangle Tournaments

    THE HOENN TRIANGLE - OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT THREAD Welcome to The Hoenn Triangle Tournament Thread. Here will be posted all current and past THT Tournaments as well as its winners. Post here anything related to the current tournaments, especially battle results. Please don't use the thread to...
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    A quick question about Guardian Signs...

    Hey...I just picked up Guardian Signs. This is my first ever Ranger game and I was wondering...as the story progresses, does it get harder? I just beat the Quest where you retrieve the wood for Pichu's Ukelele. So far I've had no trouble, even against Celebi...so does it get harder or not?
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    Strategy for Palkia-HELP!

    I'm playing Time and I feel like such a noob but Palkia keeps trashing my team. My team consists of: Torchic lvl 59 Dig Flamethrower Shadow Claw Rock Slide Totodile lvl 60 Ice Fang Hydro Pump Superpower Crunch Anyone have any suggestions on what to use/do/items?
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    The Twins Thread

    Does anyone else have a twin? Identical or fraternal? Have any weird ESP things? Does your twin like Pokemon/have a Serebii account? I have a twin brother named Collin. Sometimes having a twin is cool but sometimes he's really annoying!!! (PS: Don't spam up the thread by saying "oh, I wish I...
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    Your "Signature" Pokemon

    I was just wondering...what is your signature Pokemon. I mean that Pokemon who has helped you through so many tough battles, been on your team since the start, all that jazz. For me...I'd have to say my level 100 shiny Porygon-Z. I got it in Platinum as a Porygon and have transferred it from...
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    Ash, Trip, Bianca, and whoever elses Unova League Team! (Possible Spoiler)

    What do you think Ash, Trip, and Bianca's teams will be at the Unova League? You can add anyone else you think will make it.
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    Who is Your Least Favorite Character in The Whole Game?

    Which character do you hate? I personally HATE Bianca! She is so annoying and really weak! I also hate the moms design for some odd reason.