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    A Stolen Heart (Fate/Stay Night, AU, Mature)

    Hi there, folks. This is one idea that has been stuck in my head for quite a while, namely writing a mystery story with the characters of an anime/book/etc taking on the roles of the grizzled detective, the femme fatale, the uncooperative police chief etc etc. After spending quite some time...
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    The King of Skies (one-shot, ancient Pokémon centric))

    The King of Skies (one-shot, ancient Pokémon centric)) Inspiration struck around midnight yesterday, I liked the idea, two hours later, I've got this to show to you. R&R muchly appreaciated. The King of Skies A single brilliant flash erupted from the heavens, illuminating the dull...
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    Crossroads of Infinity (Rating: T, bordering on M. Sometimes.)

    'All dar, folks and merry X-mas to y'all! And happy holidays for all the others who've different reasons for celebrating these days! After a long long looong pause this Sith Lord is finally back in action with a new fic spawned by his overactive imagination. The good thing is I've already...
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    PLX: Winds of New Beginnings

    Most ten-year-olds can't wait to get their starter Pokémon. Some of them just have an annoying elder brother hell-bent on making sure they follow in his steps. Most new trainers immediately find a trusted friend and lifelong companion in the faces of their starters. Some of them are stuck with...
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    Crack'D! Johto Style! (Rated: T, for insaniTy)

    Okay, folks, bear with me! School’s a ***** recently but since I don’t want to stop writing stuff and posting it, I picked up this little project of mine that actually started out as a blog some time ago. It’s short and to the pun(ch) so I can both slowly work on bigger projects and post at...
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    You Either Die A Hero (Shaman King, oneshot, PG)

    AN: This is a quick oneshot by me that can vaguely serve as a sort-of long prologue for the latest fic I'm working on. To make sure I don't actually drop it, I ain't posting nothing till I finish at least the first arc. I'mma midway there. Anyways, I know some people read non-Pokemon stuff here...
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    Second Chances (Digimon Fic, rating T)

    Well, my enormous writer's block forced me to venture into the unkown waters of another franchise, that one being Digimon. I'm trying to better my writing with this fic, so I'll try different things, like different POVs and stuff. And try writing some more mature themes, bot nothing explicit...
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    Downfall Of A Master (one-shot) Rated: T

    Downfall Of A Master I’ve always wondered how I would feel in this moment. How would I feel when I’m so close to it? One step away, so close I can touch it if I just outstretch my arm… and I feel nothing. Nothing at all. It’s ironic really. All my life I’ve had a goal- a purpose. My...
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    Pokemon LX: The Sinnoh Journey (PG-14)

    Hi, guys! I`m new here and this is my very first Pokemon fic. It takes place in the anime Pokemon World but I`m not using any of the cannon characters, I`m using OCs. One day I just came up with this story I want to write and after quite some time I finally decided to write it. As I said, I`m...