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    Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

    I remember my uncle getting this for my cousin years ago. He thought that it was so bad, he didn't even finish the first level. Seriously, this is quite possibly the worst game I have ever seen. Have you played it? Discuss your experience here. Oh and if there is already a thread for this...
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    Tiers. Why have them?

    As anyone who has ever read my sig could guess, I don't like Smogon. They ban everything that beats them, I mean Speed Boost Blaziken doesn't stand a chance against most "Uber" threats. What is the point in tiers, though? They are basically saying "this Pokemon is better than that one" when a...
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    Is Pokemon Rumble Blast being sold tomorrow or Tuesday?

    I've heard it's tomorrow, I've also heard Tuesday. What is it?
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    Hey there.

    Hello I am new here.