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  1. divinepokemonXZ

    Did Serena and Clemont even like each other?

    They both cared about Bonnie and obviously care about Ash (although Serena had a fangirl crush on him), but I don't think I remember the two interacting directly. They didn't outright hate each other from what I recall, but it seems like they were acquaintances who were friends with the same guy.
  2. divinepokemonXZ

    future of Ash's unova traveling partners Iris and Cilan(non battle related)

    Here we speculate what will happen to Iris and Cilan, how their stories will be resolved etc.. ALL FORUM RULES APPLY ALSO PLEASE NO CHARACTER BASHING OR FLAMING OTHERWISE THIS THREAD MAY BE CLOSED feel free to close it, I was sure there were no threads like this but as a beginning trainer you...