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    ~Homemade Team of the Shadows~

    ~Homemade team of the Shadows~ I AM NOT MAKING A STRICT OU TEAM, NOR AM I CHANGING ANY POKEMON!! I can't provide pictures, and mind my Spelling, my phone is touch screen and I type fast. I try to fix my mistakes, but bear with me~ This is a homemade team that I favor personally. This is one...
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    Above posters Typing

    You heard me, what type are you? 1) All SPPf rules apply. 2) Give a Reason! Username, Profile Pic, Usertitle, About me... 3) No Flaming/Raging. If someone call you a type you hate, don't yell at them. 4) Respect everyone's opinion. They think your Dark, you think your Psychic. Everyone has...
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    The Emotionless, The Charming, and The Blind. (PG-14, swears and that stuff.)

    The Emotionless, The Charming, and The Blind. I got bored, so I decied to write this. It came to me after I caught Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie. Please enjoy, and mind spelling errors, my phone isn't exacly the greatest o.o Chapter 1: Restless nonsense... It was a nice, bright sunny day...
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    Sapphire's Super Trade Shop!

    Welcome to Sapphire Super Trade Shop! Here is where you will find some of the most wonderful offers.Rules: 1: No trading any hacked Pokemon 2: No foul language. We will surely have younger ones viewing this Thread. 3: No conversation on the thread. PM or VM me if you are interested. We can...
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    Pokemon Shops?

    Hi, I've been wondering: How do you make a Pokemon Shop? Is there a certain place that you have to go to make one? Please answer my question nicely, I just don't want to get in trouble for making a shop the wrong way!
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    Pokemon Breeders Of Any Region! Share Breeding Tips!

    ;197; Umbre, Umbreon! Hello, I'm a Pokemon Trainer AND a Breeder. This is a forum where Breeders of any Region can share Breeding tips and secrets with their fellow Breeders. I'm a breeder from the Unova Region. :3
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    What is your trainer like?

    Here is a thread where you can make friends and other trainers can learn stuff about you, maybe even add you as a friend. Not that it does not have to be your in-game trainer, it can be a trainer that you go by, such like I do myself. My in-game is Sierra, but the one I go by is Sapphire. Lets...
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    Pokemon Trainer/Breeder Sierra (or Sapphire) is here!

    ;149; Haiii I'm new here :3 I breed pokemon for others. My current team is an all dragon team...well...dragon and dragon like :P LETS GO! xD