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  1. Buuz

    Shiny Groudon moveset

    If this belongs anywhere else please excuse me, it's been a while since i started using Serebiiforums again. But last night i caught a shiny Groudon and i want some opinions on how to run him. Sadly, it has a docile nature so how do i make the best of this?
  2. Buuz

    Offering: shiny female Eevee

    In exchange i'd like an untouched shiny female Salandit with timid nature. Preferrably with Fake Out and in a Premier Ball. No hacks please.
  3. Buuz

    Item trading

    I searched the 6th Gen trading forums, but i could not find a trade section for items. Can anyone show me where it is? Btw, i am looking for Megastones, especially Mewtwonite X. Thanks in advance, Buuz :)
  4. Buuz

    Johto teams, opinions?

    I might get my hands on copies of the 2nd Gen games and i thought of Pokémon to put in the teams. Note that i intend to put one of each legendary dog in each team, along with a starter. Suggestions for movesets and stuff are appreciated. PKMN Gold: - Typhlosion - Steelix - Umbreon - Kingdra -...
  5. Buuz

    D - Deoxys, move recommendations requested...

    Hi y'all, i picked up my Wifi-event Deoxys yesterday. Turns out it had a Calm nature, so i decided to turn it into Defense form. I'd like to keep three of the moves it already has: - Dark Pulse - Nasty Plot - Recover My question is: what item and what fourth move do you guys and girls...
  6. Buuz

    Battle Tower team needs rating/recommendations...

    Alright, so i wanted to try and get 100 consecutive wins at the Battle Tower. I tried countless times before but i never got past 41 victories. I now have some tricks in mind to break that record. Timid Articuno @ Focus Sash - Mind Reader - Sheer Cold - Roost - Double Team Timid...
  7. Buuz

    E-mail notifications.

    I keep getting messages from Serebii though i am sure i turned that option off. What do i need to do to stop getting notifications on Hotmail?
  8. Buuz

    Characters that get on your nerves.

    I accidentally posted this in the General section, my sincere apologies to the admins. Let's try this again. Is there a character in the pokémon anime that was getting on your nerves so bad, you wanted to punch that person in the face? Tell us your choice and why. Aside from the usual...
  9. Buuz

    Nickname your pokémon?

    Nickname your pokémon? Let's get right to it. Do you nickname your pokémon and if so, what names do you give them? I'll start. male Emboar: Bacon female Charizard: Charla male Arcanine: Simon (named after my reallife dog) I am thinking about names for my female Chandelure (Charlotte or...
  10. Buuz

    Partner for Thundurus.

    Hi there, i need a partner to counter the weaknesses of this pokémon: Therian Thundurus @ life orb mild nature ability: volt absorb - thunderbolt - nasty plot - dark pulse - focus blast I prefer a fighting type as it is super-effective against both ice and rock but if you have something even...
  11. Buuz

    Question about Pokémon Conquest.

    Question about Pokémon Conquest. Right now i am playing the story of Lord Kanbei, ''the reluctant genius''. Though it's pretty sweet you can upgrade some locations by investing with gold, i was wondering if these upgrades will stay when i beat this story and start with another one.
  12. Buuz

    My in-game fire team...

    Hi everyone, i had this crazy idea to try playing pokémon Black 2 on hard mode, with only fire pokémon. I have the six pokémon i want to use in my signature, but i'd like to see what you guys think. I am not a competitive player, i'll stick to in-game battling. :) Charizard ability: blaze...
  13. Buuz

    Steel types only team

    Hi, i was trying out this idea i had for a steel type only team and i would like your opinion. Note: this team will not be used for competitive reasons, i'm just not good enough for that (sadly). This team will only be used in-game on Diamond/Pearl/Battle Revolution/HG/SS. Also, some pokemon...
  14. Buuz

    Just a question about Breloom's ability..

    Hey folks, it's been a LONG time since i posted here. Never had any reason to because real life and other (sometimes) better games than pokemon kept me occupied. Nevertheless, i came to ask a simple question on our fighting fungus, Breloom. When i was training this guy in my Diamond game, i...
  15. Buuz

    skill swap & Shedinja's wonder guard

    Hi, yesterday I was trying out a strategy. I tried to skill swap Shedinja's wonder guard to my Espeon and then to my Sableye. But somehow, it didn't work. Can somebody tell me why?
  16. Buuz

    Lookwhat I've made for my Valentine!

    Hey guys (and girls :p), i made this little comic for my Valentine. What's your opinion about it? Not bad huh? Of course you can use it, but make sure you replace the names 'Emiel' and 'Sabrine' with your name and your Valentines name.
  17. Buuz

    Can't find it...

    Does anyone know where I can find the title song of pokemon: the first movie? The song you can hear when Ash battles that bandana guy in the beginning of the movie.
  18. Buuz

    plz help me!

    I want to restart with leafgreen soon, and I wanted to know if this was a good set of pokemon. I could use some help with the 'I don't know' spots. :p Charizard (starter) Item: white herb Nature: jolly - overheat - aerial ace - rock slide - brick break Venusaur Item: I don’t know...
  19. Buuz

    Hi, i'm new here! ^_^

    I made this account a little while ago, but i didn't use it. However, after noticing the threads on this forum are getting more interesting, I decided to actually use my account. So, that's the only thing i wanted to say.