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  1. ssquaderi

    The Future of the World Championships

    I hope this thread is constantly added with new theories as I'd love reading about other fans' theories on how the World Championships will progress. As we all pretty much realise, they are hyping up a series finale of Ash vs Leon, this could be very far in the future as this may still be the...
  2. ssquaderi

    Sun Moon - Rotom Pokedex

    What does the latest SunMoon news have to do with the anime, you ask? Well, the anime follows the game and vice versa, Ash (or whoever the protagonist is) will be having a Rotom Pokedex, so, that's why Prof Oak wanted to research Rotom, guess he found out he could do this with it. Does this...
  3. ssquaderi

    Kalos League Speculation

    Hey people, With the 8th Gym badge on its way within the next 5-7 episodes, we're nearly on the road to the League and since everyone is now discussing the league, rivals and battles, I thought it would be better to make a separate thread for it... I might also edit this post as we get more...
  4. ssquaderi

    If there is ever a time skip (with a new character or Ash) what do you foresee?

    The title says it all. These are my thoughts: With Ash: I see them possibly doing a 5 year skip, so, the young teenage demographic is retained, and I can see the first episode starting with a full 6v6 battle in a League (could be any, old or new) and that would really make the start of a...
  5. ssquaderi

    Which of Ash's team members (if any) will evolve during the Kalos League saga?

    Assuming Ash uses his reserves, which we can assume he will, which Pokemon in his team do you think will evolve? These are my possibilities in order of most likely to least likely: 1. Totodile ----> Croconaw Now that the Water Starter curse has been lifted, and both his other Johto Starters...
  6. ssquaderi

    Ash and Shota/Scottie rivalry

    After the latest episode, we pretty much realised that Scottie is the main rival and Tierno is probably the less-intimidating one (like Nando or Barry in DP). Also going on with the DP season, one of the greatest things about the series was the fact they had a 6v6 battle outside the League...
  7. ssquaderi

    Movie related: Why has Ho-Oh never been in a movie?

    So, everyone, why do you think we've never seen a Ho-Oh in any movie, the only time its been seen is when Ash is starting a journey, so it's kinda like Ash's Guardian Angel, still, for every legendary, we've seen multiples, so why couldn't a different Ho-Oh have been in a movie? I'm just...
  8. ssquaderi

    Ash's Dream Team

    If Ash has a do-or-die battle, or even if he reaches the final of the Kalos League, which team of 6 do you think will be he choose if the writers are smart enough? What is his Dream Team of six Pokemon? This is what I would choose: 1. Pikachu - Been with Ash from the start and obviously...