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    Ash going back to Kanto? Can this hint at Kanto in USUM?

    No chance of a Kanto inclusion. I see it merely to be a fanservice to the viewers. Misty and Brock getting Mega Evolutions is a great addition to the nostalgia- but it's made redundant by how hideous I find the SM's anime art style and character concepts.
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    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    "Erhhhhh" is how I feel about the new battle competition. Mega Garchomp and a select few others will comprise it- and with one pokemon only it's not going to be very varied at all. What would have been leagues better would be to allow 6 Mega-Evolution pokemon and allow all 6 of them to M-Evolve...
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    General Discussion & Speculation Thread

    It would actually be really cool if a Guzzlord-themed area was a dimensional junkyard- with a few objects scattered around as throwbacks to monuments/machines from previous games. Any further Ultra Space immersion would be most welcome. The Ultra Beasts really haven't been justified as Minor...
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    Possible New Signature Z-Moves Discussion Thread

    If the Salamence and Garchomp shown had normal defenses and weren't 0IV dummies. Then it might have been 175.
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    General Discussion & Speculation Thread

    If that's the case- it would be an ideal time to implement a party/box carry-on feature from the bank or previous game.... but of course that will never happen.
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    Rumors/Leaks Discussion Thread

    And will be event exclusive to further it's obscurity and reception by the community :)
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    Rumors/Leaks Discussion Thread

    Still liked the remakes. Escpecially HGSS/ORAS. But I completely agree with the disinterest for US/UM unless they are bringing a bunch of new forms/features into the mix. BW2 had very different map/story and ORAS was a faithful remake that included new Mega Evolutions and Primal forms. But...
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    New Pokémon/Formes Discussion & Speculation

    The phrase "Special Rockruff" from Corocoro definitely makes it seem like it's tied to event pokemon only. Which is disappointing
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    New Moves Discussion & Speculation

    ORAS was the exception in that GF decided to finally give the weather trio signature moves which they were lacking compared to all other legendary pokemon. Considering Solgaleo, Lunala and Necrozma already have signature moves. It's very unlikely there will be any new moves. If that, they will...
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    General Discussion & Speculation Thread

    That previous reveal worked because it was revealing a entirely new generation and actually had a staged trailer working up to the few snippets of brand new information and gameplay shots of completely new games. Stating the fact clearly- US UM's reveal was just over 20 seconds of previous...
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    General Discussion & Speculation Thread

    Been hearing so much uproar over the announcement. Thought it was just dissapointment due to hype- but after seeing the trailer, no- that actually was a very lackluster reveal compared to the other coverage of re-releases. Being dissappointed overall with Sun/Moon I'm not seeing any appeal for...
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    Pokémon Sun and Moon - General Discussion Thread

    It has been a longer wait, nearly two months in fact, the last competition stones were given out 11 days after the competition. No reasoning with why they have been delayed so long. But I can only hope that they come along very soon.
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    Official Sun & Moon Help Thread

    To go online to view videos from another game will mean you will need to update to 1.2. Meaning they will be incompatible. But, if there is a way to view them between games without the internet (I'm unsure if there is), then you should still be able to view them.
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    New Gameplay Features/Mechanics Discussion Thread

    I don't think so unfortunately. As far as I know they can't be SOS chained and therefore can't have better IV's through chaining capture methods
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    Pokémon Sun and Moon - General Discussion Thread

    Agreed, a disappointing giveaway really since everything about it can be achieved through some simple breeding/trading. Honestly the most standout thing about the event is probably the free Life Orb.
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    Official Sun & Moon Help Thread

    Probably something with Water Absorb, Swift Swim, Dry Skin or Storm drain such as Gastrodon which makes the rain more beneficial for you than your opponent. My personal favourite for a rain situation is a Dry Skin Heliolisk which can spam Thunder and will heal back some damage each turn in rain...
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    Pokémon Sun and Moon - General Discussion Thread

    I don't think the game will recognize anything for the April comp until it starts, but that registration on PGL error is concerning. It's probably no help- but when you enter PGL is it under the correct region once you login?
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Iron Tail Primeape, Goomy and Entei? Anyone? Again, Pokemon like Bunnelby, Stoutland and Chespin can learn the move. By both design and actual Steel typing- Togedemaru should know the move.
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    Legendaries Discussion Thread

    So... anyone else suspect Marshadow has a badass stronger form yet to be revealed? It's been a trope for the last 3 generations that cute/unassuming mythicals have a hidden form. Except Manaphy... but that got to mysteriously breed instead.
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    Pokémon Sun and Moon - General Discussion Thread

    Too much time and discussion has been wasted on pandering the idea of a "Generation .5". Even if game freak were to introduce new event pokemon in the next installments and nothing more- that would not constitute a new half or quarter of a generation. Much in the same way that Mega-Diancie and...