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    -=[Chrono's Updated Shop]=-

    -==Animation==- Random Animation Pokemon (world) animation Pokemon Roll Fossil Banner Shine Color I-Dance -==Sprites==- Agile Cartoon |MY IDEA DO NOT STEAL| Angel Darken |MY IDEA DO NOT STEAL| Color Switchers Amputation |MY...
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    [UPDATED] Chrono Mews Sprite Realm [UPDATED]

    You guys no the drill your request gets ignored if you dont stick with the thingumy below the pics and notes #1 AGILE (NOTE) Easy and fast and a good request *turns and shakes head* Pokemon: #2 AMPUTATION (NOTE) My idea, kinda lame but whatever... Pokemon: Where: #3 ANGEL...
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    .../|Tales Of Densin|\...

    I may ad more to this chapter but for now... this chapter will be in black for an easier read. }{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{ Chapter 1 The River To No-Where The wind was blowing hard into my whiskers and made the brass blades flow into the strong...
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    Weather and why NOT to be afraid

    Many people think since there are is bad weather such as Hail tha they will get severely hurt. This is NOT true. This is why. Hail Hail comes on some dungeons such as Frosty Forest and Mt. Faraway. Hail hits every 5 or 6 spaces. But as you walk you will get healed in dungeon. Hail only hits...
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    \_Shop To End Shop's_/

    Okay this isnt going to be anything flashy (The First Post) just request ill have the form and the examples. _________ |EXAMPLES| \_______/ Animation: Frames: How Fast: Notes: Banner Animation Text: Font: Pics: Background: How Fast: Notes: Team Animation Text...
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    My Animation's

    I just started so dont get TOO harsh. \\||Animations||// This is for my poke pet thay im getting rid of in 6 more days, the commet's leaving >.' First try at my poke pet This is for my poke pet thay im getting rid of in 6 more days, the commet's leaving >.' This was so fun but...
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    Ow my head hurts... (MD Help Thread)

    I Havnt been into Joyous Tower for a L0000000NG time! So i forget isnt it a level 1 dungeon? My head hurts trying to think.
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    MD/Sprite thread

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    Project Legend Lost

    Project Legend Lost --==Reson For Project==-- I am trying to get alot of people into this project. It is to help people who have died trying to get legends. I hope this is in the rules and i can do this but i just thought it would be easier. We will only do dungeons that are LEGEND dungeons...
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    How Do I WBG?

    How do i WBG? (White Begon)
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    Backround Of Mt. Faraway

    Post everything here about Mt. Faraway imm scared to go into there without knowing some stuff!
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    Post Your Legends

    What the title says... i dont know if there are other threads like this if there are im deleteing it (That threadmust be still alive)
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    Wierd Moment's

    Basically say some wierd moments 1) me and a Meditite kept on passing around the same rock XD Meditite 1 threw Rock at Raichu Raichu threw Rock at Meditite 2 Meditite 2 threw Rock at Meditite 1 (Repeat this about 5 times!)
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    Project; AAE

    AA stands for Annoying Abra Evolutions... i can never find ANY! I recruited one and then my sis started playing and killed it *sniff* do you guys know where any Abras and Kadabras are found... like everywhere? ;063;;064;;065;<~ UGGH!
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    Some SOS....

    I have been thinking about the SOS sticky thread and been wondering.... theres so many posts one rescue can get easily over looked, There should be no Team threads but SOS threads would be helpful for people, make them delete it after they are saved.
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    The REAL Lati@s Guide's

    Latios after beating the storyline get the friend area from wigglytuff caled southern isle's. And THEN go to Solar Cave, scattered across the floors in this dungeon are key's for secret doors. at floor 20 there is Surf in between some water get a fly or water pokemon to go across and get it...
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    Stupid Mistake's For PMD

    Okay the title says it ALL. Just post mistakes that are stupd here. 1: Eating a sleeping seed when trying to throw it at Latios 2: Press no to the question of recruiting Latias... (Had to reset) 3: Walking around and stepping on the same trap OVER and OVER again! Stupid TV!
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    I Wiash For A Way To Get Into Wish Cave

    Basically what the name says; How do i get it? I want a Jirachi BAD and i dont care about any stupid wishes so... How do i get in? this is what my bro says (he has Blue too) 1:Beat StoryLine 2:Get The Clear Wing 3: DESTROY all three dogs 4: Fight Deoxis 5: amd then you get them he also...
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    To Mail Or Not To Mail

    To Mail Or Not To Mail I have the Friend area Southern Isle's from wigglytuff and now im not sure if i shpuld do this. when i used WonderMail i got Dragon Cave, the ungeon that unlocks because you got Dragon Cave didnt come, is that because I used WonderMail? So should i use it to get SkyBlue...
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    Latias and Latios Guides

    Since i havnt even been in the dungeon they are in i wont be much help. This thread is also helping me out. There are some things that could be very helpful for people like me Move's: Level: Where: How To Get There: Item's: And other things all wrapped into one guide. I will put all...