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    One Day, My Heart, I Promise. (PG 13)

    This is a very short and sentimental fan fic I wrote quite some time ago. I also posted it on a different site, but linking is of course, not allowed. So, this is a one shot. Constructive criticism is very welcome. It's rated PG 13 for violence. I think it's kind of mild, but I want to be...
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    Appreciate the Little Things.

    There's a thread like this about the 3rd generation games. What are some of the small things about the game that you noticed and enjoyed? I liked seeing the habitat of the Pokemon in the Pokedex.
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    What First Attracted You to Pokemon? What Keeps You Playing?

    When I was the ripe old age of 9, I used to watch cartoons every morning before going to school. One morning, I saw a new cartoon. Ash's face looked up, and I heard the words "I wanna be, the very best..." I thought, "What's this?" It was the very first episode of Pokemon, and the story...
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    Incorrect Gym Leader Typing?

    I realized something about the Kanto region gym leaders. At least, the first three. Okay, there's Brock who uses Rock types, then Misty, who uses water types, and then there's Lt. Surge, who uses electric types. Nothing new, but think about this. Pewter City is in close proximity to the forest...
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    I'm terrifying!

    Even Mewtwo cowers in my presence! ...hai, I'm a newb!;355;