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    Funniest Game Moments

    What moment in a game made you LOL? Pretty straightforward, right?! :D Just simply post and tell us what video game moment you found you and your friends/family mocking on a daily basis. For me, I constantly laugh at the Resident Evil 4 scene when Louis dies. Leon yelling...
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    Casimir's random sketchs

    Introduction: Not much to introduce! I'm Casimir and i'm here just posting my art work in high hopes to share my creativity with everybody. I often just draw random characters in random scenarios, whether it's pokemon or not. I usually draw stuff I created myself (i.e. Manga I work on in the...
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    Hi serebii.net

    My name's Ryan, but my Diamond/Battle Revolution handle is Casimir. I sometimes use Dee or Olive on other game files. I'm pretty new, but a little bit not at the same time. I was a part of this forum a long time ago... Right when they first started dropping screenshots of Ruby/Saphire and...