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    Anime Character Battle: Round 1

    Hello one and all, to the Anime Character Battle! A year of nominations has gone by, and we have our contenders! You can see them in the Anime Character Battle Nominations thread. All match-ups have been selected by an anonymous third-party unaware of the characters. This battle will be...
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    Haruhi Suzumiya Approved for Second Season

    http://forums.animesuki.com/showpost.php?p=1026998&postcount=1686 http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=139254574&blogID=288278397 As that post says, the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is getting a new season, as announced in Newtype magazine and the ASOS Brigade...
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    TPMX's Varied Request Shop

    Hey everyone, this is TPMX. I've decided to open a request shop again after getting a hold of a really cool paint program, as good or better than Photoshop. Basically, I will be making banners, pictures, and maybe wallpapers. As for sprites, I'll do the usual of what's expected. Here's a list...
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    Anime Character Battle Nominations

    Approved by Shadowfaith. Need mod who's willing to help. Hey everyone, this is the Anime Character Battle Nominations! This thread is to vote on your favorite anime character to decide which is the best (or at least most popular on SPPF) anime character. This thread is to nominate your...
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    SOS Brigade - Serebii Branch (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

    Hello all, and welcome to the SOS Brigade. It's a pleasure to have you. This club is for anybody who is a fan of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, an anime that's about an eccentric girl named Haruhi who makes a club called the SOS Brigade to find aliens, time travellers, and espers...
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    Water Balloon Fight

    Resurrected for the 4th time and counting! Anyway, copied and pasted from before. List of Banned (even if they post, just ignore them): None yet Alright! Let's do this! *throws a water balloon at the NP*
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    Random Topics Game!

    Hey guys, I'm back. Alright, I've created a simple game, as my games usually are. I will post two random words, phrases, or topics and the rest of you have to figure out a way to combine the two topics into either a silly sentence, few sentences, or paragraph. After a certain amount of days...
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    SPPF Pokemon MD Bulletin Board

    Hey, since Chunsoft and The Pokemon Company decided against Wi-Fi, this is for rescuing your team when they are in deep...uh, doo-doo. Just some rules. 1. Follow format. 2. Give us a reason why you need to be saved. We're not saving you on the 3rd floor of Tiny Woods. 3. If you join the...
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    DS Time Questions

    A few weeks ago, I started playing Nintendogs, which I haven't played in over a month. My dog didn't like me much, so I put my clock backward. I want to stop playing again, and I had a few questions. 1. If I put my dog in the Dog Hotel and not play for a long time, will they still hate me...
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    Airship Fortress?

    Just a half-hour ago, I was facing off this Asian dude in MKDS Nintendo Wi-Fi. He was probably hacking or something, he was going way too fast. Anyway, the second round, he chose Airship Fortress, and IT WORKED. He didn't move, but I was able to drive around a bit before he disconnected. Is this...
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    Humanoid Pikachu (AdvancedChuShipping, PG-13)

    Hey. This makes my third fic. This is more serious then my other fic, but still a few jokes. The PG-13 rating is because of a few jokes and the first chapter's kinda grotesque feel. By the way, AdvancedChuShipping=MayxPikachu. This is in First-Person (aka Pikachu's p.o.v.). Prologue I...
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    The Aristocrats

    Hey guys, welcome to the first game that I made all by myself, no help. Go me! This is one of those neverending games. See, there's been a joke going around for over 70 years about a man going into a talent agent's office and introuducing this act that's so leud and disgusting that you're...
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    LostMagic Wi-Fi Discussion

    Yay, first LostMagic Wi-Fi thread. Discuss anything regarding what's happened to you in LostMagic's Wi-Fi. That's about it. ONLY ON WI-FI, NOT THE STORY.
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    Nintendo Power Issue 202

    Cover: Metroid Prime Hunters Main Articles: Ahead of the Game (Brain Age: Test Your Brain in Minutes a Day Preview) 10 Things You've Never Done in Harvest Moon (Harvest Moon DS Preview) Inside Zelda: Makoto Sasaki Sizing Up Mario (New Super Mario Bros. Preview) Space Race (Metroid Prime...
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    Nintendo Power, Issue 201

    Cover: Chibi-Robo Main Articles: Breaking the Mold (Innovative Games; Chibi-Robo, Odama, Drill Dozer, The Rub Rabbits!, Super Princess Peach) Space Invaders (Metriod Prime Hunters Preview) Inside Zelda; Yoshiyuki Oyama Animal Crossing: Water World?? (Animal Crossing: Wild World...
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    An Ashy Christmas (Advship, PG)

    Anyone expecting a Pokemon: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut fic, get the fudge out. My first "serious" work. Also the first pure ship fic. And the second fic I've ever made XD. Made this in about 5 days. I wanted to write, but didn't want to write Chapter 6 (for reasons you'll find out), so I made...
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    Pokemon: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (NC-17)

    Welcome to my first fic! Keep that in mind when you're grading me. Ahem. *reads off paper* "This fic is rated NC-17 by the FFAOSPPF (Fan Fiction Association of Serebii) for Language, Nudity, Violence, Gore, and Sexual Situations." I personally think this is stupid. We should say it's G, and...
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    Speed Drawer

    Approved by Psi. From the maker of the Water Balloon Fight, Dare Game, and Caption Contest comes Speed Drawer! (not a ripoff of Speed Racer, we never even heard of Speed Racer) It's simple enough. I give a topic, you have 1 minute to draw it on MS Paint. You are allowed to use Pencil...
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    Advanceshipping Club

    Approved by you-know-who. This is club....4 for me. At least it'll live. Ahem, Welcome To The Advanceshipping Club! Can't believe nobody made this....anyway, this club is to just talk and share stuff about Advanceshipping. (MayxAsh; HarukaxSatoshi) Pics, topics, etc. Rules 1. Don't...
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    TPM's Almost Everything Shop!

    Before ANYTHING, I will mention this: 3 requests at a time. This is for your OWN saftey. Welcome to meh shop! I make a lot of things. I'll get all examples up soon. Banners (all my May Fanatic banners. Scroll down) TCG Cards (only Neo) Overworld Scenes Recolors Mxing Rusty, don't...